SomeOne builds confidence with new branding for age-reversal skin treatment

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Most of america who've reached a definite property person spent money connected anti-ageing tegument products successful bid to clasp backmost nan march of time. But it's not for illustration you tin spot nan results instantly aliases anything. So there's ever portion of you that wonders if it's each a discarded of clip and you're throwing distant your money.

NeoGen is simply a pioneering Welsh institution trying to flooded that assurance spread pinch measurable results. They declare to person developed revolutionary nitrogen plasma exertion for slowing ageing and reversing visible signs of ageing connected nan skin.

Their patented, FDA-cleared strategy uses controlled thermal power to stimulate nan deeper layers of nan skin, diminishing wrinkles, sun damage, uneven pigmentation and restoring a much youthful, twinkling appearance.

This attack has shown affirmative results successful complete 30 objective studies and hundreds of thousands of treatments performed worldwide. However, their afloat marque imaginable had not yet been realised, which is wherever strategical branding agency SomeOne came in.

The brief

By generating plasma from nitrogen gas, NeoGen creates a controlled thermal power that tin beryllium precisely delivered to nan skin. Their strategy tackles everything from good lines, surgery veins and sun harm to pigmentation variances and wide tegument quality.

Yet nan assemblage is understandably sceptical and needs unusually important levels of accusation and marque clarity to convert.

NeoGen approached SomeOne to create an wholly caller challenger marque strategy, visuals and messaging that could bring nan institution to caller audiences.

Brand strategy

"After extended research, we concluded that while aesthetics are good covered successful nan sector, nan assurance gained done treatments is seldom discussed," says Simon Manchipp, SomeOne's laminitis and executive strategical imaginative director.

"NeoGen practitioners were peculiarly clear astir nan outcomes that occurred beyond nan visual. One told me: 'I've had group move astir and get nan occupation they ever wanted because their assurance has fixed them nan opportunity.' NeoGen simply revitalises what group already person – making tegument people beautiful again – but much than that, they make group consciousness unthinkable again."

This is really SomeOne arrived astatine nan strategical territory of 'Confidence Building Technology'. "NeoGen useful pinch analyzable subject but stems from 1 powerful idea: if you could erase nan signs of property of your skin, what would you change?" explains Simon.

"Few things are arsenic vulnerable arsenic an eyelid, a grin aliases nan assurance of a personification nether nan scrutiny of nan masses," he continues. "NeoGen do not participate lightly into these arenas. They get prepared pinch nan latest exertion and nan highest levels of knowledge to people rejuvenate tired skin. Pleasure is ever derived from thing extracurricular of you, whereas joyousness arises from within."

Visual identity

Inspired by NeoGen's layered attack to tegument regeneration, SomeOne developed a powerful personality strategy built astir stacked, undulating lines and shapes.

Layers play a ample portion successful nan caller ocular identity, from nan wordmark that uses them successful spot of nan missive 'E' to nan bespoke CGI imagery developed to beryllium utilized crossed each premium branded touchpoints.

"Unlike different brands that person emerged successful nan sector, NeoGen offers a uniquely controllable system, enabling group to person very ray treatments pinch zero downtime," explains Lucy Richardson, lead designer astatine SomeOne. "This level of power is reflected successful nan layering theme: adjacent together for precocious power, spaced retired for debased powerfulness applications."

Bespoke photography depicts mature, assured women embracing their beauty. This stands successful stark opposition to emblematic beauty marketing, which features flawless young models. The colour palette of rich | burgundy, violet, and roseate conveys a consciousness of vibrance and rejuvenation.

"The beauty manufacture is afloat of impossibly beautiful young women advertizing products they don't need," says Simon. "NeoGen is proud to activity to thief women make nan astir of what they have.

"The exertion reawakens layers of tegument alternatively than introduces overseas substances. So alternatively than travel manufacture norms, we chose to formed and photograph much experienced, mature women who were not only comfortable but assured successful nan tegument they are in."

In summation to nan wordmark, colour system, typography and iconography, a group of integer ocular assets was created. "Based connected nan layers of tegument NeoGen treats – and dissimilar nan mostly of creation aspects recovered successful nan beauty manufacture – this portion of nan creation systems sets retired to make nan astir of integer applications," says Simon.

"Moving assets importantly and positively alteration really agelong audiences walk pinch a marque online – truthful these animated images not only service to pull wrong integer applications but tin besides beryllium utilized successful fixed shape connected much accepted printed communications."

All successful all, SomeOne has delivered an full marque world strategy for NeoGen – applied anyplace a customer is, from people to pixel, waste and acquisition shows to exhibitions and successful practitioners' practices worldwide. The marque is fresh to situation nan beauty assemblage pinch assurance and style.

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