Sam Drew on why animation is perfectly suited to handling sensitive topics

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The activity of Sam Drew, who is amended known online arsenic Lumps, is instantly recognisable acknowledgment to his bold usage of colour and surreal, edgy flourishes. But for his caller project, Let's Talk About Sex Trafficking, he lends his attack to an highly delicate topic, and it's a amazingly effective pairing.

Aimed astatine empowering and equipping parents and teens pinch nan devices they request to forestall activity trafficking successful Canada, nan run brings existent stories to life pinch Sam's unsocial visuals. The project, 2 years successful nan making, appealed to him straightaway, arsenic he knew his agleam and accessible style would make nan analyzable taxable much approachable to audiences.

Working successful adjacent collaboration pinch Covenant House, Sam had entree to a wealthiness of adjuvant worldly which aided nan animation process. "Besides nan 2 real-life stories from quality trafficking survivors, nan cardinal attraction was ever regarding nan reddish flags that young group should beryllium looking retired for," he tells Creative Boom. "We learnt a batch astir nan subtler ways trafficking tin travel into people's lives and evidently tried to pass that pinch nan work."

Indeed, nan book that had been workshopped by nan kindness forms nan backbone of nan 2 short animated films. Voiced by existent teenagers to understand nan astir important crippled beats, these accounts were past handed complete to Sam to create nan illustration, character, and animation style.

Since nan taxable is highly delicate, Sam experimented pinch varying degrees of surrealism and naturalism. "In earlier drafts, location was much imagery, which is much emblematic of my creation style, but it was important to find nan equilibrium betwixt acquisition and engagement," he explains.

"In nan end, we went for thing colourful and attention-grabbing, but stripped distant a batch of nan imagery to guarantee nan clarity of nan connection and that nan accusation was ne'er lost."

Despite approaching it cautiously, Sam is assured that animation was nan correct mean for this task for respective reasons. "The first is nan state of imagery and metaphor, which tin thief to represent acheronian moments and subjects appropriately for each audiences and pinch respect," he says.

"A bully illustration of nan imagery that we near successful was nan roller-coaster series to correspond a coercive intersexual experience. This is simply a business wherever it's ne'er going to beryllium correct to virtually show nan moment, but it is important to pass nan symptom and fearfulness she experiences. This is animation's spot complete unrecorded filming."

Elsewhere, Sam thinks that nan childish aliases safe cognition of animation helped to underline his points. "It's precisely not nan spot you'd expect a hard-hitting twist to a communicative astir 2 friends," he adds. "This really useful very good successful nan discourse of this piece, which was trying to show viewers that situations which tin consciousness safe and normal whitethorn person sinister and vulnerable undertones which you request to beryllium fresh to spot."

Sam is keen to accent that these animations are conscionable portion of Covenant House's activity and that they are ever campaigning for nan younker of Canada. However, he has been happy to spot this run break retired and make world headlines.

"Yahoo wrote an article astir this run wherever they shared immoderate stats: '84 per cent of Canadians judge that younker successful their communities are astatine immoderate level of consequence of being lured into activity trafficking. Nearly half are not assured that they could recognise nan informing signs of personification being lured into activity trafficking.' That conscionable shows that nan effect Covenant House is having by sharing these acquisition resources is really basal and positive," he concludes.

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