Run For The Hills creates playful illustrations to refresh brand for kindred 'Open House' hospitality space

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Award-winning workplace Run For The Hills had already redesigned nan wrong of West London hospitality venue Kindred erstwhile asked to travel up nan activity pinch a caller marque identity.

Set wrong a gorgeous people II listed mansion, Bradmore House, Kindred is simply a abstraction for co-working, unrecorded events and nutrient and drink.

But overmuch arsenic Run For The Hills' interiors squad has added other layers of styling to nan venue, injecting much bosom and psyche into nan space, nan marque personality besides needed a imaginative evolution.

The creation squad started by re-working Kindred's logotype and campfire logomark. Opting for a somewhat much modern serif for nan logotype and honing, smoothing and simplifying for nan mark.

They besides created a darker and richer colour palette, taking cues from nan refreshed interior styling. Deep burgundy reddish from nan creation of nan caller Salon Bar connected nan apical level of Kindred, a luxurious bluish from nan caller banquette seating, and a soft greenish taken from nan room bookshelves. An orangish accent colour finishes nan marque palette, and pops of orangish tin beryllium seen successful nan interior strategy of immoderate armchairs and accessories.

"For nan rebranding project, it was important to support nan principle of what makes Kindred awesome – nan playful but master reside of voice, nan consciousness of togetherness and, of course, nan campfire concept," says Chris Trotman, co-founder of Run For The Hills.

The adjacent improvement was a playful caller illustration style, creating unsocial monochrome illustrations to thief bring to life what makes Kindred truthful special: a expansive piano, branded drum kit and microphone connected a looping cord to correspond Kindred's move roster of unrecorded euphony events.

Notebooks, java cups, and canines correspond nan venue's dog-friendly rank co-working spaces. And a rich | postulation of nutrient and drink-inspired illustrations showcasing Kindred's awesome nutrient and portion offerings for usage crossed menus and trading materials.

After thoughtfully pairing cleanable typefaces and adding other ornamental touches, nan workplace started to activity up nan afloat suite of menus. The pièce de guidance is simply a stunning 40-page drinks book pinch a tan-orange screen featuring an understated campfire emboss printed connected subtly textured Fedrigoni insubstantial pinch matching orangish stitching.

Chris Trotman adds: "It really is simply a portion of storytelling successful its ain right, pinch a communicative talking astir nan provenance of everything Kindred does, championing its independent London suppliers - each artisans and family businesses. The reside of sound is whimsically descriptive and afloat of nan caller illustrations which return nan scholar connected a travel done nan makers who move their passion into their very typical products."

Run For The Hills besides came up pinch nan thought of creating a 'cocktail toolkit' to exemplify each of Kindred's chopped cocktails. A group of components including different solid types – from lowball and highball to flutes and shots - pinch tons of illustrated ornamental embellishments for illustration crystal and fruit, each created individually, meaning that it'll beryllium easy to create caller cocktails for early updates to nan book utilizing nan ready-made instrumentality kit components arsenic nan bedrock.

The caller branding has now been rolled complete each different touchpoints crossed societal media and in-venue items for illustration arena posters (for Kindred's engaged unrecorded programme of music/comedy/networking/socials), loyalty cards and time passes, creating a seamless acquisition for Kindred's organization to thrive successful a abstraction wherever nan inspirational marque and interior are harmoniously balanced.

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