Rumours suggest the iPad Pro is about to get a massive makeover

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The twelvemonth 2023 was unprecedented successful that it was nan first since Apple released nan iPad that location was nary update to immoderate model. This twelvemonth will surely beryllium different, and so nan latest rumours propose that Apple whitethorn beryllium preparing to merchandise caller iPad Pros arsenic soon arsenic adjacent month.

And it sounds for illustration those caller 2024 iPad Pros could move retired to beryllium worthy nan wait. It's been reported that Apple's high-end tablets will get nan biggest update they've seen successful generations, if not since their launch, pinch an all-new creation and perchance moreover caller materials (see our guideline to nan iPad generations to spot wherever we are today).

Bloomberg's regular Apple analogous Mark Gurman says nan caller 2024 iPad Pros will beryllium pinch america successful outpouring (northern hemisphere) on pinch a caller iPad Air and caller M3 MacBook Airs too. This could mean thing from March to June, but Gurman says nan caller iPad Pros are "deep in production" and astir apt to look adjacent month.

He says nan iPad Pros will correspond nan "biggest revamp ever" for a merchandise that was first launched successful 2015. He expects them to person M3 chips, which is reasonably logical considering nan existent 2022 models person M2s, but they will besides present what is possibly nan biggest update group person been waiting for – an OLED display.

The bad news is that this is apt to hike nan price. OLED displays are much costly than LCD ones, truthful we expect nan iPad Pro to get a value bump. It's been suggested by MacRumors that nan entry-level models could commencement arsenic precocious arsenic $1,500 (11-inch) and $1,800 (13-inch) alternatively of $799 and $1,099 for nan existent models.

iPad Pro 2024 redesign

An iPad Pro connected a table pinch a drafting of an oculus connected nan screen

The existent iPad Pro 12.9, which was released successful 2022 (Image credit: Future)

It's besides suggested that nan iPad Pro is getting its first redesign successful 5 years, pinch nan larger of nan 2 size options increasing somewhat from 12.9in to 13in. Some rumours spell further to propose that Apple will driblet nan usage of aluminium for an wholly solid body. It's not nan first clip that we've heard this rumour, but it would fresh successful pinch suggestions that nan tablets could beryllium getting build successful MagSafe charging.

A much definite-sounding rumour is that nan camera will beryllium moved from image to scenery orientation. This comes from specifications successful nan iOS 17.4 beta merchandise hinting astatine nan preamble of a Face ID camera pinch this orientation.

Alas, nan rumoured somewhat larger size of nan biggest iPad Pro could mean a request for caller cases and keyboards. Indeed, Gurman says he's been told that Apple is readying to motorboat a revamped Magic Keyboard pinch a larger trackpad that would make utilizing nan iPad Pro consciousness moreover much for illustration utilizing a laptop.

The iPad Air successful 2024

iPad Air 5 pinch a Magic Keyboard lawsuit sitting connected a desk

The existent iPad Air (Image credit: Future)

As for nan iPad Air, its spot successful nan iPad lineup could go much important again if nan rumours of value hikes for nan Pros move retired to beryllium true. There are reports from long-time perceiver Ming-Chi Kuo suggesting that location will beryllium a 12.9-inch iPad Air – nan aforesaid size arsenic nan largest iPad Pro, narrowing nan spread pinch nan existent Pro moreover more. In fact, considering that nan caller iPad Air (or Airs) are expected to get an M2 chip, they could beryllium very akin to nan existent Pro.

It's not yet clear if nan caller upcoming releases will make nan iPad lineup much aliases little complex, since it appears we'll person a caller size action for nan Air, but it seems location could beryllium a greater value differentiation betwixt models. And there's nary news connected an update to nan iPad mini yet, and it hasn't been updated since 2021, truthful it could beryllium that Apple plans to nonstop it nan aforesaid measurement arsenic nan precocious iPhone mini, which we deliberation would beryllium a shame. It seems Apple is focusing connected narrowing nan lineup to 3 halfway models: nan Pro, Air and nan guidelines iPad, pinch M3, M2 and A14 Bionic chips respectively.

Meanwhile, nan first Apple Vision Pro reviews are in, pinch verdicts from US media connected what is Apple's first wholly caller merchandise since nan Apple Watch.

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