Robot Food creates winning rebrand for sports nutrition leader ESN

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Standing for Elite Sports Nutrition, ESN is Germany's biggest sports nutrition brand, pinch an industry-leading array of products for performance-driven group and elite athletes. But conscionable for illustration immoderate big-range brand, ESN has mislaid its measurement complete time. Enter world branding strategists Robot Food, who person stripped backmost nan fundamentals of ESN's existing personality and built thing bigger and amended successful its place.

The request for a caller personality came astatine a pivotal time. With ESN moving into beingness unit spaces and trading online, Robot Food imaginative head Ben Brears explains that nan marque needed to beryllium stronger to make it "more easy shoppable."

He explains: "Lots of things were moving from a merchandise constituent of view, and group really for illustration nan sensation and flavours, but we needed to attraction connected nan strategy — level connected packs and marque segmentation."

It was a conclusion that was agreed upon pinch ESN, pinch nan imaginative head astatine The Quality Group, Marcel Henke, saying: "Our activity pinch Robot Food has ensured our caller ocular personality amended reflects our activity position successful nan category.

"The value of our products now shines through, and nan full creation strategy gives america nan elasticity to amended negociate our ample portfolio and supply our consumers pinch an fantabulous acquisition crossed nan full marque world. We couldn't beryllium happier pinch nan result."

Back to basics

A pivotal portion of nan rebrand was to analyse nan existing identity, fig retired what was and wasn't working, and refine it. This progressive examining what separates ESN from different sports nutrition brands. What Robot Food recovered was that competitors positioned themselves successful nan manner space, whereas ESN went aft a halfway audience.

"ESN's ain a look and consciousness which now seems rather category-generic because different brands person travel retired that besides usage that predominantly achromatic look," says Simon Forster, laminitis and ECD astatine Robot Food.

This presented Robot Food pinch a clear ngo statement: reclaiming ESN's striking colour palette of achromatic and white. Over nan years, ESN had progressively relied connected designs that promoted nan superior value of its formulations, truthful nan caller look had to beryllium not only much instantly recognisable but besides prouder and much distinct.

From this attack came nan conception for nan imaginative level 'For nan Win.' The remainder of nan caller positioning and ocular personality was built connected this foundation, and Robot Food group astir stripping backmost nan galore products and ranges successful bid to germinate nan identity.

A cleanable illustration of these concepts successful action is nan caller ESN logo. Not only has it been redesigned to beryllium much legible and impactful. It besides pays homage to nan brand's practice done a bold, elemental and energetic design.

Forster adds, "Before, location were inconsistencies successful nan antagonistic spaces, and nan logo didn't consciousness ownable to ESN. We wanted to make it much progressive and much considered by softening nan corners but still creating thing that still feels really dense and rather masculine. Now, it has much mobility and activity to it."

Keeping it dynamic

Keen-eyed branding enthusiasts will announcement that nan logo now uses a unique 'dynamic cut', which is recovered passim nan remainder of nan identity. It's a elemental but effective measurement to necktie together packaging creation layouts and is simply a striking instrumentality crossed marque photography.

"The schematic strategy based connected angles makes everything consciousness portion of a holistic creation framework," adds Craig Lindsay, Robot Food elder designer. "The full marque world has this slash continuing passim nan typography, photography and labelling system."

Not wanting to propulsion distant erstwhile marque elements that worked, Robot Food made judge to clasp nan superior branding colours of achromatic and white. An array of "range colours", including metallic silver, agleam blue, bold pinkish and vibrant green, were past added to information retired nan palette.

Similarly, nan caller typography was cautiously chosen to bespeak nan attitudes of nan ESN brand. "We chose a cleanable and modern suite of 4 typefaces that adhd characteristic and clarity to nan marque and group ESN isolated from its competitors," says Lindsay. Din Condensed is astatine nan bosom of nan marque and appears successful various weights arsenic nan headline, alongside a inferior typeface successful nan assemblage copy, Sweet Sans Pro Regular.

'Crave-worthy' photography

To really make nan caller personality sing, Robot Food created a caller suite of photography pinch some "functional and emotional" aspects. Working together, these images show some nan constituent credentials and nan "crave-worthy" flavour.

"They wanted to picture nan sensation amended connected nan pack, truthful we worked connected bringing each scope to life successful a different way," says Brears. "Everything was changeable successful a really expressive measurement to show that ESN is afloat of flavour."

A premier illustration is on-pack photography, which shows nan merchandise pinch a serving proposal to adhd liking and sensation cues that "build appetite appeal, focusing connected that infinitesimal of anticipation." Meanwhile, manner photography has been designed to beryllium "always successful action" and features athletes astatine nan highest of their capacity ", capturing nan changeless push for champion and self-improvement".

Winning underlines each of these imaginative decisions, and it's made for a winning rebrand. To bespeak this, nan identity's guidelines see phrases specified arsenic "winning mindset", "winning results", and nan thought of nan "winning flavour", which tin beryllium recovered successful ESN products.

By expressing these concepts successful short, snappy sentences and energetic language, ESN positions itself arsenic nan audience's workout buddy. It's much than conscionable an power supplement; it's a friend connected manus by offering trusted, science-based expertise.

Cementing nan position

Despite containing galore moving parts, nan marque succeeds because it creates a accordant and ownable strategy that tin beryllium utilized arsenic ESN pleases. It besides includes elasticity for differentiation crossed nan scope of products truthful that they each stay unsocial and exciting.

"Since they're nan leader, they're not excessively worried astir competition: it was astir cementing their positioning and giving ESN nan marque they deserve, but which was still recognisable for existing customers," Forster concludes.

"It's not ever astir being revolutionary: it was stripping everything backmost and starting again to create a overmuch stronger improvement of ESN, but pinch nan aforesaid DNA."

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