Rizla wants you to redesign its iconic silver papers pack

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When it comes to packaging design, it's awesome to activity connected caller and disruptive caller products. But astatine nan extremity of nan day, wouldn't it beryllium astonishing to spot your designs connected a genuinely iconic marque sold successful retailers up and down nan country?

Such an opportunity rarely, if ever, presents itself. After all, really galore redesigns of nan classical Coke can, say, person you seen successful your ain lifetime? But correct now, designers everyplace are being offered that very chance because Rizla has conscionable launched a unsocial title to creation a caller Rizla Silver booklet.

The last artworks will beryllium revealed connected nan brand's societal media @officialrizlauk. And nan victor will really spot their creation being sold successful unit shops. Plus, arsenic nan icing connected nan cake, nan victor will besides get a caller MacBook Pro.

Proud tradition

Rizla is unarguably nan best-known and most-loved sanction successful nan realm of rolling papers and has a agelong and proud pedigree. First launched successful 1796, nan sanction came successful 1886 from "riz" (the French connection for "rice") and "La+", an abbreviation of Lacroix ("the cross").

In 1942, nan marque revolutionised nan world of rolling papers erstwhile nan Lacroix brothers acquired a patent for applying gum to nan edge. This caller characteristic solidified Rizla's position arsenic a leader successful nan rolling insubstantial industry, placing them astatine nan apical of nan market.

In 1977, thirty-three years aft nan marque sanction change, Rizla released nan first of its King Size rolling papers. Over nan decades since, nan marque has maintained an unwavering companion for aficionados of hand-rolled cigarettes, ample and small. Its enduring entreaty lies successful its committedness to quality, consistently delivering finely crafted papers that heighten nan smoking experience.

Rizla's continuing beingness successful countless overgarment pockets astir nan world is simply a testament to its finely crafted value and reliability, on pinch nan brand's expertise to accommodate to evolving preferences while maintaining a relationship to its roots. In an ever-changing world, Rizla stands arsenic a timeless awesome of nostalgia and continuity, and has indelibly woven itself into nan cloth of celebrated culture, moreover amongst those who nary longer smoke.

In short, who wouldn't want nan kudos of knowing you've had a creation implemented for specified an iconic brand?

How to enter

To participate nan Rizla Silver Booklet Design Competition 2024, conscionable travel these elemental instructions:

1. Click this link to download a PSD, PNG aliases JPG creation template of a blank Rizla Silver KS pack. You tin usage immoderate 1 record format provided from nan downloaded files that suits you and your capabilities.

2. Create your ain unsocial creation utilizing nan creation template.

3. Email your last creation to [email protected] earlier 11.59pm connected 9th February 2024.

4. If you are moving connected a PSD file, export it arsenic a PNG aliases JPG record earlier sending it.

5. Rizla will prime their favourite design, and nan victor will beryllium contacted via email and our societal channels. Make judge you're pursuing them truthful you don't miss their DM.

Finally, make judge you publication nan position and conditions earlier you upload your designs – these are disposable via Rizla's Instagram bio. We wish you nan champion of luck from each of america astatine Creative Boom!

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