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Big Bird from Sesame Street is small
(Image credit: Sesame Street Workshop)

The ambiance crisis, economical woes and conflict successful nan Middle East were each put into position connected Twitter this week erstwhile nan world abruptly faced a genuine crisis. Big Bird from Sesame Street was small. 

People didn't moreover cognize what to telephone nan much-loved characteristic immoderate much as, usually measuring 8ft 2in, he was now smaller than a ladybird. It was nan biggest crises involving a fictional characteristic since nan disappearance of nan M&Ms past year. But dissimilar that case, we've been near mystified arsenic to what it was each about.

Uh oh! Does anyone cognize really to make maine large Big Bird again? 24, 2024

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It each began erstwhile nan celebrated yellow-feathered puppet published a outcry for thief connected his official relationship (yes, Big Bird has an X account). he said that he was now mini and needed thief to get large again. For 5 days, he many times shared posts documenting nan tribulations of being mini arsenic he continued to plea for assistance.

Day 3 of being tiny. I was capable to get to Hooper's, but Baby Bear didn't spot me. Do immoderate of you person suggestions connected really I tin get large again? #HelpBigBird 26, 2024

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Other Sesame Street characters tried to thief out, and those that didn't were pulled up for their deficiency of empathy by concerned fans. And fans were really very concerned.

Big Bird is mini and this is really you’re tweeting? Read nan room. 29, 2024

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me trying to explicate nan small Big Bird business to my child: he’s successful trouble, and we don’t cognize what’s going to happen. He whitethorn beryllium fucked. He whitethorn dieJanuary 27, 2024

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Civil War? Big Bird is mini now and you’re concerned astir a Civil War? Get your priorities successful orderJanuary 26, 2024

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The world breathed a sigh of alleviation past nighttime erstwhile Big Bird announced that he was now large again, without overmuch of an mentation of what had made him mini not really he had grown.

I’m large again! What an escapade nan past 7 days person been. I learned truthful overmuch by seeing nan world from a different perspective.@Elmo and truthful galore different friends checked successful connected me. Thank you to each that checked successful to #HelpBigBird. Today and everyday, let’s #HelpEachOther!💛 30, 2024

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Now, I person to admit that I mislaid way pinch nan comings and goings connected Sesame Street astatine astir about nan property of seven. In fact, it's news to maine that nan characters person their ain individual societal media accounts. I initially presumed nan shrinking of Big Bird was a trading stunt for something, but nan solution was a spot of an anticlimax.

Apparently, nan escapade was a Twitter retelling of a 2005 TV section The Adventures Of Little Big Bird, but it's not clear why nan Sesame Street Workshop decided to tally pinch it now. It whitethorn person been an research to spot really they could make nan marque and characters much applicable to today's world, and possibly to trial really they nationalist would engage. Or possibly it really was each intended to get america to #HelpEachOther. Whatever nan aim, it had immoderate success, pinch nan original station picking up 17m views.

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