Pharrell's Lego biopic is one of the strangest collabs ever

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Pharrell Williams

(Image credit: Pharrell Williams)

Producer and songwriter Pharrell Williams has announced an unexpected collaboration pinch nary different than Lego – and they're making a movie. Brick by Brick is group to beryllium a groundbreaking (albeit somewhat bizarre) biopic astir Pharrell's life, chronicling his imaginative bequest done nan mean of Lego.

Some of nan best Lego sets show that Lego appeals to each ages, but whether it will entreaty to Pharrell's fans is simply a different communicative (although I for 1 americium oddly intrigued). With Lego's multitude of movies garnering a mixed response, it's unclear really Pharrell's Lego biopic will beryllium received – 1 thing's for certain, he's decidedly breaking nan boundaries of cinema. 

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams' return connected nan biopic is surely a activity of caller air. (Image credit: Edward Berthelot via Getty Images)

The task was launched aft Pharrell approached Academy Award-winning head Morgan Neville 5 years agone to transportation his idea. Inspired by nan imagination of Lego and its fans, Pharrell wanted to attack nan biopic pinch a unsocial mean that encouraged a consciousness of productivity and innovation. 

In a property release, Pharrell discusses nan inspiration down nan project, marvelling astatine nan travel that has led to nan movie. "Building pinch Lego bricks encourages america to travel our imagination…who would’ve thought that playing pinch these toys arsenic a kid would germinate into a movie astir my life," Pharrell says. "It’s impervious that anyone other tin do it too.”

While astatine first, it whitethorn look for illustration an overseas collaboration, nan Lego Group's elder vice president, Jill Wilfert, shared that nan pairing is agreed by a beardown imaginative mindset. "We judge nan Lego ceramic is nan eventual imaginative medium, allowing group to build, unbuild and rebuild successful arsenic galore ways arsenic they tin imagine, mirroring really Pharrell has continually innovated successful his ain life," she shares.

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The movie is group to merchandise connected 11 October 2024, and while it's not nan caller Lego movie I might've expected, I'm oddly excited to delve into this caller era of biopic filmmaking. For much movie magic, return a look astatine nan stunning movie posters that person already debuted this year, aliases cheque retired Lego's redesigned Dune logo.

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