NSPCC launches major multi-platform brand awareness campaign featuring Sex Education star T'Nia Miller

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Director Sachini Imbuldeniya has created a 60" TVC called 'Not Letting Go' featuring T'Nia Miller reciting a powerful poem that charts nan realities of parenting amid a striking, schematic bid of stills and animation from award-winning creator Martina Lang.

The run follows a caller study from NSPCC, which reveals that 75 per cent of UK parents pinch children nether 5 are anxious astir their child's affectional and intelligence well-being.

A further 57 per cent deliberation parenting is harder now than it was erstwhile they were increasing up.

The poem was written by Sachini Imbuldeniya's imaginative partner, Darren Smith, and knowledgeable filmmaker Jo Wallace – a imaginative squad assembled by nan TV accumulation institution Bandicoot.

Sachini Imbuldeniya says: "This advertisement is nan antidote to nan 'perfect Instagram family'. It highlights nan mundane scenarios and challenges that galore look but seldom talk to show parents that they are not alone.

"We wanted to guarantee that we took nan spectator connected an affectional travel pinch a gait that mirrored some nan accent and emptiness that parents tin often consciousness astatine different stages of a child's life. We besides wanted nan visuals to guidelines retired from nan accustomed kindness ads of nan past by taking connected a much affirmative reside pinch vibrant colours, compelling graphics and a whimsical soundtrack.

"The resulting advertisement gives parents thing they tin empathise with, astatine times moreover laughter astir – and hopefully successful move consciousness much assured astir reaching retired to nan NSPCC sooner and much often."

Sachini and Darren Smith were underdogs during nan transportation process, winning retired against overmuch larger teams from established agencies. Their ain task – full-service contented agency House of Oddities – only launched successful January.

NSPCC wanted nan slot to showcase its knowing that location are tons of families, parents and carers struggling pinch nan mundane challenges of bringing up a child, who are looking for support and easy-to-understand proposal they tin spot amid overwhelming and often contradictory messages astir really to negociate family life and what's champion for children.

Darren Smith, who wrote nan poem for nan campaign, says: "Parenting is astir apt nan worst occupation successful nan world. It's hard, mostly unpaid, boring, and occasionally terrifying, and you can't ever retire. Despite that, it's astir apt nan champion and astir satisfying occupation successful nan world, too.

"It's difficult to fresh each those analyzable emotions into 60 seconds, but we tried to compression successful a full life rhythm of parenting from commencement to nan quiet nest truthful that parents could place pinch immoderate of nan large and mini challenges they're going through.

"And it was brilliantly performed by T'Nia Miller. Ultimately, nan advertisement shows that erstwhile it comes to parenting, NSPCC gets it and is location to help."

The accumulation was overseen by executive shaper Kate Pirouet and agency executive shaper Juan Leon.

Kevin Yeates, caput of marque and contented astatine NSPCC, says: "The NSPCC is champion known for its captious activity to forestall kid maltreatment and neglect – but it does truthful overmuch much to support families to support children safe and well.

"This powerful caller advertisement run will hopefully make parents consciousness little unsocial and much inclined to scope retired to nan NSPCC for thief pinch nan mundane anxieties and challenges they look while bringing up their children."

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