New Nicholas Cage movie posters are effortlessly eerie

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Longlegs poster design
(Image credit: Neon)

It's safe to opportunity that Nicholas Cage has had a divers movie career, but his latest movie, Longlegs, looks to beryllium his scariest yet. Four caller posters person been unveiled for nan serial slayer scary movie that promises to beryllium a genuinely spine-chilling experience.

We've already seen our adjacent stock of stunning movie posters this year, but nan Longlegs posters are a premier illustration of really minimalist creation tin beryllium a awesome storytelling tool. With understated yet chilling imagery, nan elemental posters effortlessly create an eerie ambience that's frightfully captivating.

Longlegs poster

(Image credit: Neon)

Longlegs is by Osgood Perkins, boy of legendary Scream character Anthony Perkins. From nan posters alone, there's small discourse of nan film's plotline, but nan creepy visuals surely create a foreboding aura. The typography appears to beryllium a substance of Helvetica Bold and Futura Bold, giving nan posters a modern feel. With disjointed spacing, nan posters person a definite ocular uncertainty, made much chilling by nan contrasting reddish font colour against nan background.

Each poster features a different segment of varying schematic contented but they stock cohesive colour grading, giving each poster a faded, sepia-toned effect. Paired pinch nan grainy filtering and shadowy composition, each image feels distinctly creepy, making moreover nan seemingly inoffensive snowy segment poster consciousness tense and anxiety-inducing.

Longlegs poster

(Image credit: Neon)

As a immense scary fan, I'm really excited to spot much promotional contented for Longlegs. The stylish, understated posters consciousness for illustration a callback to much classical scary flicks that prioritise ambience complete jumpscares and I dream Longlegs will people a return to much slow-burn horror. The movie is group to merchandise this year, but an charismatic day has not been confirmed – I'll beryllium keeping an oculus retired for updates.

If you're aft much stunning poster designs, cheque retired nan caller Tenet rerelease poster that had fans successful awe. For much from nan world of film, return a look astatine nan caller Joker logo that features a flimsy typo.

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