Nescafé’s “major rebrand” is too safe to stand out

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Nescafe design
(Image credit: Nescafé)

Nescafé has unveiled what it claims is simply a "major rebrand" but pinch nan only released image showing insignificant creation tweaks, I clasp my reservations. With its timeless yet accepted creation contending successful a ambiance wherever java packaging is trendier than ever, tin a awesome marque for illustration Nescafé support up pinch nan competition, and is its caffeinated practice capable to support it afloat? 

While we've seen our adjacent stock of nan best (and worst) rebrands successful nan past year, Nescafé's caller look feels somewhat understated compared to nan latest trends successful java packaging design. With smaller brands opting for a much bespoke, schematic approach, is Nescafé's marque constrained by its instant appeal?

Nescafé packaging

Nescafé original packaging design. (Image credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images)

The focal constituent of Nescafé's caller look is simply a caller creation motif which places nan accent of nan 'é' down nan logo. The rebrand besides features much predominant java legume imagery, taking a much literal attack to merchandise packaging. While nan logo font (which looks for illustration a blend of Friz Quadrata Bold and Angie Black) has remained unchanged, nan bolder visuals consciousness tastefully refreshed without detracting from Nescafé's safe, reliable marque identity. 

However, successful a caller press release, Nescafé claims that nan rebrand intends to "evolve and enactment up successful nan ever-changing java industry," – a connection that feels a small bold fixed nan existent java branding trends. As we've seen successful caller times, nan java manufacture has taken a overmuch much independent turn, and arsenic a result, packaging creation has taken a modern and stylised move that focuses connected niche flavour profiles and exclusive imaginative packaging. 

Hard Lines Coffee and Bettr

Hard Lines (left) and Bettr's (right) packaging is packed pinch characteristic acknowledgment to stylish illustration and bold typography. (Image credit: Hard Lines/Bettr)

As we tin spot pinch modern java brands specified arsenic Bettr and Hard Lines, nan packaging speaks for nan product, instantly communicating that nan marque is modern and playful done nan illustrated packaging. Even pinch much simply designed celebrated brands specified arsenic Grind, nan plain babe pinkish packaging gestures to a timeless modern creation that's adaptable to its scope of products and creation collaborations. 

Maybe it's nan measurement that we devour java that makes Nescafé consciousness for illustration an afterthought designated for edifice rooms. With java bags, biodegradable pods, Aeropresses and moka pots changing nan measurement that we devour our coffee, possibly Nescafé's biggest flaw is nan deficiency of personability – a touch of handcrafted prestige that is mislaid successful instant coffee's usability and packaging design.

Grind java packaging

Grind demonstrates really to create an effective marque personality that's some elemental and transferable arsenic shown successful its classical packaging (left) and collaboration pinch Henry Holland Studios (right). (Image credit: Grind)

While Nescafé's rebrand attests to its timeless reliability, nan creation feels sterile and impassioned against emerging java brands. Until we spot nan marque move distant from nan information of its accepted appeal, it will beryllium reliable to support up pinch nan creation title of its caller competitors.

For much creation inspiration return a look astatine nan stylish functional design of this humble tin of fish. If you're aft immoderate imaginative tips, return a look astatine our time successful nan life of a product designer astatine Figma

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