My Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has arrived! – First impressions and unboxing

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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra first impressions
(Image credit: Beth Nicholls / Creative Bloq)

My Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra arrived this greeting and it feels for illustration Christmas day. I've been waiting 3 years now for a worthy smartphone upgrade – and this is it. The free Galaxy Watch 6 pre-order offer pinch a student discount helped to sweeten nan woody too, and I can't hold to effort everything out!

I chose nan S24 Ultra because camera value is simply a key, if not nan astir important, characteristic for maine arsenic a photographer. Especially arsenic I usage a batch of societal media for illustration Instagram for photograph sharing. During its unpacked event, Samsung announced that it had partnered pinch Instagram to let for HDR uploads pinch nan S24 series, and this unsocial was capable for maine to pre-order instantly, fto unsocial each of nan astonishing caller AI features connected offer. 

I'm upgrading from nan older Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra model, truthful this is simply a spot of a generational jump. I'm already acquainted pinch nan Ultra bid and americium a long-time Android user, truthful it shouldn't beryllium excessively difficult to get acquainted pinch nan S24. Take a look astatine my unboxing video beneath and stock nan excitement pinch me. 

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As you tin spot from nan video above, nan Galaxy S24 Ultra successful Titanium Violet is perfectly glorious. I emotion nan design, nan clicky S-Pen system that pops successful and retired benignant of for illustration a SIM card, and it feels highly premium to clasp excessively (don't interest - I've already put connected a lawsuit and surface protector since signaling nan video!). 

My caller telephone wouldn't move connected astatine first until I connected it to a USB Type-C charger, which I already had handy, and past it was a matter of minutes earlier I was up and moving done nan setup process. 

The instrumentality prompted maine to transportation my settings complete from my aged Galaxy telephone utilizing my Google account, and I didn't person to do anything really. It copied complete my apps, photos, location surface layout, and widgets from my S21 Ultra – I didn't moreover request to participate nan WiFi password. Technology is amazing. 

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra first impressions

Have you ever seen a cleaner screen?  (Image credit: Beth Nicholls / Creative Bloq)

As I proceeded to group up my telephone (which hardly required immoderate effort) I noticed that location are SO MANY caller precocious intelligence features. We each cognize astir real-time translator during sound calls, but there's besides a unrecorded expert characteristic to construe spoken conversations happening astir you into a matter output, and Samsung tin now automatically organise and make notes for you too. 

I consciousness for illustration Apple should conscionable quit, to beryllium honest. But we're not done yet. Did I mention that it has a photograph editor pinch on-device AI procreation and inheritance removal that thumps moreover nan Google Pixel 8 Pro?

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra first impressions

(Image credit: Beth Nicholls / Creative Bloq)

The show besides has an antireflective coating – a characteristic which I'm beautiful judge Samsung didn't moreover mention during Unpacked – which fundamentally intends that your telephone becomes much visible and useable successful daylight, particularly successful acheronian mode.

I'm gonna spell tinker astir immoderate much pinch nan Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, but these are my first impressions and honestly, I'm blown away. If you're connected nan obstruction astir ordering 1 of nan latest-gen Samsung S24 devices, this is your sign. You'll find nan champion deals successful your region below. 

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