Mother Design's rebrand for Air Up explores the tension between maturity and playfulness

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There's rather a unsocial trading constituent to Air Up's products: it promises flavour done scent, which intends that erstwhile you portion from an Air Up bottle, your encephalon perceives flavour when, successful existent fact, you're simply drinking water. It gives you each nan earthy flavours you crave without immoderate nasty sweetener aliases additives. Pretty clever, huh?

So, really does 1 creation that into a caller ocular identity, peculiarly for a business facing accelerated maturation successful an ever-competitive world market? Mother Design stepped successful to create a caller marque that would elevate and alteration perceptions of Air Up entirely. It wanted to beryllium positioned much arsenic an aspirational manner brand, peculiarly arsenic it has bold ambitions to grow internationally into caller markets.

And truthful nan thought for nan refreshed look was to play connected nan cosmopolitan quality hostility betwixt our 2 selves: our big self, which leans into work and control, and our soul child, which craves play and freedom. It's an absorbing conception that hopefully appeals to children and their parents looking to adopt patient habits without sacrificing pleasure.

As you tin imagine, nan activity is fun, bold, and bright, yet location is ever a pared-back constituent successful each creation feature. The colour palette, for example, is simply a pleasant operation of vibrant yellows, purples, greens, pinks, browns, and blues—all taking nonstop inspiration from nan flavours Air Up provides, from Lavender Lemonade to Cafe Latte. Yet its subtle gradients and orderly grid strategy thief to adhd maturity present and there.

It's accompanied by a civilization typeface called Air Up Sans that looks conscionable for illustration nan nosy magnetic letters you mightiness find connected a emblematic fridge door. The type is bold and unmissable, yet its rounded features and bubbly quality thief it consciousness friends and approachable. Continuing to play connected that adult/child tension, Air Up Sans is accompanied by a grown-up secondary typeface—one that feels much sensible and grounded.

A playful, joyful reside of sound is seen passim immoderate run aliases trading lateral, and galore aspects person been brought to life pinch fluid, expressive motion.

To spell moreover further successful visualising nan conception of sensation knowledgeable done smell and nan scope of flavours available, Mother Design besides utilized generative exertion software. It harnessed 3D creation devices specified arsenic Nomad Sculpt and Spline to create a ocular connection that mightiness bespeak Air Up's unsocial sensory experience.

For nan logo, Mother Design tweaked it to adhd clarity and boost its impact, explaining that it was "important to clasp a acquainted awesome that nan assemblage has travel to cognize and emotion while maintaining attribution amid a wide reimagined ocular language".

The caller level has been designed to rotation retired crossed each people and integer surfaces, including advertising, products, packaging, livery, and societal and integer channels.

"It's a ceremony of nan interplay betwixt nan responsibilities of adulthood and nan boundless state of our soul child," explains Creative Director Harry Edmonds. "By blending bold, expressive elements pinch a touch of whimsy, we've created a vibrant and engaging acquisition that speaks to some sides of our audience. Harnessing cutting-edge creation devices and generative technology, we've pushed nan boundaries to visually correspond nan conception of 'taste knowledgeable done scent' successful a tangible way."

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