Molson celebrates modern Canadian culture with new brand identity

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BrandOpus has refreshed iconic Canadian brew marque Molson's identity, taking its practice hexagon plus and giving it a caller intent arsenic a mosaic motif.

As semipermanent strategical and imaginative partners to Molson Coors Beverage Company, nan workplace understood its business challenges well. When nan determination was made to position Molson arsenic a Masterbrand, BrandOpus group retired to creation an personality reflective of its caller premium spot successful nan portfolio.

The studio's marque acquisition imaginative director, Ian Ritch, describes nan task arsenic "an opportunity to return an all-time Canadian icon and springiness it its swag back". Having worked connected Molson for 8 years, nan full creation squad was heavy invested successful making nan caller marque personality a success.
One of nan main problems that nan marque was facing was a deficiency of cohesion. Since each brew had a beardown personality, nan genitor marque faded into nan background.

"We needed to reassert Molson arsenic nan Masterbrand and specify an thought beyond nan generic aliases cliché associations of Canada, connecting nan marque backmost to Canadian people", says Ritch.

Through interrogating nan brand's intent – "to proudly ignite a consciousness of togetherness for each Canadian" – BrandOpus devised nan marque thought 'We are Many'. This building was chosen to reference some Molson's expertise to bring group together since 1786 and Canada's rich | culture.

"On a taste level, Canada is simply a mosaic, not a pouring pot, wherever individual identities and communities are celebrated arsenic good arsenic having a shared nationalist identity", Ritch explains, adding that 'We are many' runs done each touchpoint of nan brand. It is embodied successful nan photography, changeable to bespeak nan galore communities crossed Canada and nan modern, move illustrations that showcase Molson's brew portfolio.

A consciousness of togetherness is besides communicated done Molson's reinvigorated marque icon – nan hexagon. While nan style has ever been a portion of nan Molson brand, Ritch says it had go "a small lost", and truthful BrandOpus sought to "breathe caller life into it and spot it astatine nan bosom of nan marque arsenic a awesome of connection".

The hexagons are cleanable for lodging images and different content. When connected, they create a mosaic shape that builds "a image of modern Canada successful a uniquely Molson way", according to Ritch.

BrandOpus made usage of different historical marque asset, going backmost done Molson's archives to find a book type of nan wordmark, which was past redrawn and refined to location it successful nan hexagon. Ritch explains really nan caller people was chosen for its "sense of activity and quality touch".

Molson's 2 caller typefaces purpose to bespeak nan thought of 'We are many', giving nan marque elasticity without fragmenting it. Azo Sans Uber provides "a soft rounded and approachable typestyle", says Ritch, while nan "more condensed style" of Refrigerator Deluxe allows nan brand's messages to "stand retired pinch pride".

Telling nan stories of modern Canadians was a large attraction for Molson, which was achieved done a journalistic style of photography. It was arsenic important that nan images didn't look staged aliases contrived and alternatively conveyed a consciousness of easiness and warmth betwixt friends.

"From mini municipality to large city, rooftop to backyard, dive barroom to astatine home, we captured candid and genuine moments crossed nan divers communities Molson connects with," says Ritch.

To guarantee that nan Molson Masterbrand didn't go mislaid again, BrandOpus besides had to see its attack to celebrating nan brand's alliances pinch nan Canadian NHL teams. The extremity was to guarantee a measurement to observe nan teams, their fandom, their brands and associated colourways without compromising nan Molson brand.

"We achieved this by bringing to life each team's halfway iconography – for illustration nan lipid aliases legislator helmet – reimagining it done our move illustration style and holding it wrong nan mosaic to create a seamless integration of identities that respects and celebrates some brands successful adjacent measure", Ritch adds.

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