Meicheng Chi's dreamy pencil drawings help her to connect with her emotions

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For Meicheng Chi, drafting feels arsenic earthy arsenic talking. Having been raised by creator parents who encouraged her to get imaginative pinch everything, from insubstantial to books and walls, drafting now feels for illustration nan astir earthy and intuitive measurement for Meicheng to definitive herself.

This outlook was only honed during her clip astatine nan Rhode Island School of Design, wherever she studied Industrial Design. Here, Meicheng was exposed to caller devices and workrooms that allowed her to get messy and experiment. It was while studying drafting courses that she recovered a caller measurement to link pinch herself and pass pinch others done her artwork.

"Drawing lets maine navigate and link pinch my emotions," she tells Creative Boom. "I became much fearless facing antagonistic emotions because I cognize that done drawing, they will melt into nan aerial and go colour and pencil strokes that I tin hug and keep."

Originally from China, Meicheng credits her parents pinch being nan biggest creator inspirations successful her life. Her mother bought Meicheng galore coating books featuring awesome artists specified arsenic Egon Schiele, Henri Matisse, and Henry Darger, arsenic good arsenic galore DVDs of seminal animated movies.

"I still retrieve watching Spirited Away erstwhile I was a kid, and I sewage truthful scared, but I deliberation nan vulnerability to these astonishing useful became an inspiration for maine heavy inside," Meicheng adds. "My dada ever shares awesome films and designs pinch maine and shows truthful overmuch emotion and passion for my work."

At nan bosom of Meicheng's drawings are dreams. Created meticulously by scribbling pinch coloured pencils, these artworks were inspired by a dream she had astir her great-grandfather's house. In it, she was opinionated successful his room erstwhile she saw birds flying by. But erstwhile she turned astir to look backmost astatine them, they had go level patterns connected nan window."

"I was half-awake, but nan images were truthful vivid, soft and touching," she says. "I wanted to grounds nan lines, colours and burst of emotions I felt successful that dream, truthful I turned to colour pencils." The rest, arsenic they say, is history.

Sleep, it seems, is simply a immense power connected Meicheng's work. Besides dreams, she besides compares nan enactment of drafting to slumber talking, arsenic some are moments wherever half-awake memories are their astir vivid. "In dreams, I tin alert complete h2o and onshore successful conscionable a fewer minutes, pinch various thoughts overlapping pinch my imagination," she says. "Emotions and memories tin melt onto insubstantial and alert retired of nan window…"

She adds that nan romanticist images of her dreams are gentle and caller pinch nan smell of grass. "Sleeping is for illustration a span that carries my unconsciousness into chartless images and stories aliases lets those images scope my consciousness," she adds. "When I draw, it feels nan aforesaid way. I fold and unfold my memories, keeping and hugging each small folded line, moments successful my life aliases imagination."

Colour pencils suit Meicheng's activity style because she tin quickly seizure stories and images from her unconscious memories earlier they gaffe away. "Colour pencils are for illustration a translator who speaks my connection to nan paper," she reveals. I emotion nan softness created by nan media and nan small gaps betwixt each stroke."

As for nan memories that Meicheng wants to capture, these see things she's acrophobic to lose, specified arsenic rooms aliases group aliases boring, mundane specifications from mundane life. " I want to retrieve nan feelings and emotions that burst retired erstwhile I brushwood aliases touch these things," she explains, "or nan somesthesia and texture of definite group successful coloured light."

Besides dreams, Meicheng besides has a funny passion for chairs, which often look successful her work. "Once I passed a workroom successful my college, I saw a chair done nan mini window, and I felt an electrical shock; it felt for illustration it was alive," she says. I for illustration really chairs look to beryllium talking but ne'er talk excessively much."

This liking successful chairs forms nan ground of 1 of her favourite projects, a zine titled A Love Letter to My Chairs. In it, Meicheng has assembled romanticist letters, poems, and diary entries written astir her beloved furnishings items, complete pinch accompanying artwork.

"I besides emotion immoderate task wherever I collaborate pinch different artists aliases designers," she concludes. "They're ever bursting breathtaking and inspiring sparkles that are precious to me."

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