Love at First Bite: Uber Eats and Greggs couple up to create the ultimate Valentine's Day gift: 'The Bake Tray'

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Nothing says 'I Love You' for illustration a sausage roll…no, seriously. If a connoisseur's action of nan champion baked equipment Greggs has to connection sounds for illustration thing that will melt your heart, past Uber Eats tin bring you an unconventional Valentine's Day dainty to stock pinch your different half.

The Bake Tray is nan eventual pastry replacement to clichéd cocoa boxes, last-minute roses, and inexpensive jewellery, pinch six of nan nation's favourite savoury bakes encased wrong a bespoke luxury reddish box.

Certain to beryllium emotion astatine first bite, whether it's a Valentine's, Galentine's aliases moreover a mate date, thing says 'I Love You' for illustration a romanticist Greggs action container delivered to your door.

Priced astatine £10, nan gift transportation will beryllium disposable from 11am to Uber Eats customers successful Newcastle, Manchester, London, Glasgow, and Cardiff and includes:

  • Steak Bake, besides known arsenic Steak Temptation – Lovingly diced premier beef successful genuinely irresistible gravy
  • Sausage Roll, besides known arsenic The OG Sensation – The original 96 layers of flirty, flakey goodness
  • Sausage, Bean & Cheese Melt, besides known arsenic Sausage, Bean & Cheese Dream – The cleanable lucifer made successful tasty heaven
  • Vegan Steak Bake, besides known arsenic Vegan Steak Velvet – Steaky and bakey, but pinch a charming vegan allure
  • Vegan Sausage Roll, besides known arsenic Vegan Sausage Delight – The aureate vegan beautiful that's difficult not to autumn for
  • Chicken Bake, besides known arsenic Creamy Chicken Softy – An enduring emotion communicative for nan peckish.

Matthew Price, wide head astatine Uber Eats UK and Northern Europe, says: "We wanted to springiness Uber Eats customers nan eventual Valentine's Day transportation this year. What amended measurement to walk nan time than pinch a action of nan finest bakes from Greggs? We cognize our customers emotion to enactment successful to observe nan large moments successful nan twelvemonth pinch Uber Eats, truthful for 14 February, we thought we'd connection thing a small other fun."

Uber Eats and Greggs first launched their business successful 2023, pinch deliveries now disposable from 900 Greggs shops crossed nan UK. Uber Eats transportation charges will use and alteration per location.

Gillian Long, unit operations head astatine Greggs, adds: "We're excited to beryllium partnering pinch Uber Eats to bring nan federation nan gift of Greggs for that typical personification this Valentine's Day. Our limited-edition Bake Tray offers a action of our iconic bakes successful a limited-edition position box, meaning each nan difficult activity is done for you, including it being lovingly delivered to your door."

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