Lesley Barnes' joyful new picture book encourages you to unleash your inner fashionista

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Consider yourself a budding fashionista aliases a seasoned trendsetter. If so, nan latest book by Lesley Barnes is for you. Divided into 3 sections that let you to operation and lucifer outfits to your heart's content, Fashion Play sees Lesley's gorgeous illustration style made to fresh nan world of clothing.

Published by Counter-Print, Fashion Play is described arsenic an "endless manner playground" wherever productivity knows nary bounds. Building connected nan occurrence of her mini 'heads and legs' book and nan costumes she created for nan extremity pages of nan Bauhaus Ballet pop-up book, Fashion Play ties together each of Lesley's interests into an 'exquisite corpse' title.

"I person ever loved manner successful position of silhouette, shape and colour and thought readers could person a batch of nosy mixing and matching different outfits," Lesley tells Creative Boom. "I besides thought it would animate children to play pinch shape, shape and form."

Featuring 49 characters, each pinch its ain individual look, Fashion Play is simply a cautiously designed book that pushes patterns and shapes to nan limit while remaining nosy and engaging. By flipping complete nan 3 sections, readers will effortlessly curate their ain stylish outfits while marvelling astatine Lesley's gorgeous illustrations.

Describing her style arsenic colourful, joyful, and a small magic, Lesley's illustrations seizure a divers scope of outfits, from geometric shirts to funky, Bowie-esque trousers and trippy multi-coloured skirts. Far from clashing, they each activity together to create a ocular treat. "I for illustration to make creation that makes life consciousness a small spot amended erstwhile you spot it," says Lesley.

"I wanted nan possibilities to consciousness endless erstwhile you flick done nan book!" Lesley adds. "I person not calculated really galore combinations of head, body, and legs location are, arsenic my maths is not bully enough. We moreover sewage this thought crossed successful nan screen design, arsenic location are 8 options to take from!"

Lesley's ngo to make joyful image books taps into nan very typical narration she has pinch them. In fact, she argues that image books, successful particular, are why she chose to go an illustrator. "I deliberation these books create specified a beardown relationship pinch group arsenic earlier you tin publication you understand nan communicative from nan pictures themselves," she reveals. "There is thing magical astir that; possibly those images imprint connected your psyche somehow."

Picture books proceed to person a typical spot successful people's lives, moreover pinch screens continuing to predominate everyone's time. But does she deliberation children person mislaid their attraction to image books successful favour of iPads and phones? "I dream not! I deliberation location is thing very typical astir nan sheer physicality of a book. There is thing rather nan aforesaid arsenic turning nan page to uncover nan adjacent portion of nan story."

Interactivity has been astatine nan bosom of Lesley's astir caller books, Bauhaus Ballet and The Snow Queen, and she's assured that this playful constituent will ever stay celebrated pinch readers, some young and old. "I person ever been attracted to books that induce you to play pinch them arsenic an object. I dream children (and adults) consciousness nan aforesaid measurement astir Fashion Play and will beryllium inspired to commencement creating their ain avant-garde outfits!"

The communicative doesn't extremity pinch Fashion Play, either. Lesley and her fellow person besides created a 24-piece woody playset to travel nan book, which will beryllium disposable arsenic portion of a limited-number group later this year.

"I deliberation having elemental ideas to play pinch is simply a awesome measurement to get your imagination working, and I'd emotion to spot what group travel up with," she concludes. "We person besides been making a small stop-motion animation pinch them!"

In nan meantime, Fashion Play is disposable to bid from Counter-Print now. And if you're fortunate capable to threat up 1 of nan first 100 copies, you'll besides person a free expanse of mix-and-match stickers.

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