Last chance to claim a free Figma Pro subscription with our UX design course

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Free Figma subscription connection pinch a UX creation course
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There are conscionable days near to return advantage of an exclusive connection for UX creation students. Until Wednesday 31 January, caller students signing up to our online UX Design Foundations course tin use from a free Figma Pro rank worthy $144.

The UX Design Foundations people is nan perfect launchpad for a imaginative profession successful UX design, featuring a lineup of master contributors from large brands and manufacture starring agencies.

Modules connected nan people are led by tutors from our people partners Parsons School of Design. The program provides a well-rounded education, blending real-world manufacture insights and a acquisition pinch world excellence.

Since it's afloat remote, nan certified people offers accessibility for students and professionals worldwide. No matter wherever you are, you tin make nan broad program activity astir your schedule (See nan course brochure for much details).

Enrol coming to use from this typical connection successful collaboration pinch Figma. The free Figma Pro membership includes some Figma Design and FigJam. Figma is nan go-to package for UX and UI designers who want to create websites, apps and integer products and is trusted by world corporations and innovative startups alike.

Seize this time-limited opportunity to study UX creation from manufacture professionals and group yourself connected nan way to a successful creation career.

Enrol now

*This connection is valid for caller students of nan UX Design Foundations Course only, betwixt nan 1 November and nan 31 of January 2023. It grants caller students a one-year rank to Figma master only.

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