Kodak Step Slim review: pocket-sized printer is fast, affordable, compromised

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The Kodak Step Slim portable printer does precisely what it promises, providing mini prints from a diminutive instrumentality that tin gaffe into your pocket. Sadly, it’s fto down by sometimes glitchy package and nan inherent value issues of zink printing.


  • Very light
  • Easy to use


  • Mediocre people quality
  • 2:3 format tin beryllium frustrating

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The emergence of small, portable printers successful caller years has successful immoderate portion been driven by nan rejection of a ‘digital only’ world. There is nary uncertainty that we person seen an accrued desire to toggle shape our astir cherished moments into tangible keepsakes, and printers that connection an all-in-one package that tin link to your smartphone aliases tablet to people your photos connected nan spell make it easier than ever to do so.

The Kodak Step Slim promises convenience arsenic good arsenic an elegant creation and innovative, easy-to-set-up features that destruct nan request for messy cartridges aliases faffy printing processes. Like different portable printers successful this category, nan Step Slim doesn’t usage inkjets aliases immoderate shape of accepted printing - instead, it uses Zink printing, which uses power to activate colour crystals embedded successful nan ZINK paper, resulting successful vibrant and smudge-proof prints. We’ll beryllium looking into nan printer’s design, functionality and easiness of setup successful this review, arsenic good arsenic really it stacks up compared to immoderate of its very tin competitors.

A Kodak Step Slim printer connected a woody desk

(Image credit: Jacob Little)

Kodak Step Slim review: Key specifications

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Connectivity:Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Printing format:2 x 3in
Platforms:iOS, Android
Printing method:Zink printing
Paper battalion size:20 photos successful 1 pack

Kodak Step Slim review: Setup

A Kodak Step Slim printer connected a woody desk

(Image credit: Jacob Little)

The printer itself comes successful a mini package, and though we knew astir its portable credentials we were impressed by nan neatness of nan package and nan unboxing process is straightforward - conscionable plug successful nan included mini USB charger and insert nan mini starter battalion of movie and you’re fresh to go.

We recovered that pairing nan Step Slim pinch a smartphone aliases tablet was a hassle-free process. Enable Bluetooth connected your devices and past download nan correct Kodak app. A connection of informing present - location are rather a fewer apps to take from truthful make you get nan latest 1 - we utilized nan recently released Kodak Step Prints app, which besides allows you to customise collages, edit and harvest images and propulsion done photos from societal media to people pinch a touch of a button. 

We besides recovered that loading nan zink insubstantial is an easy process, acknowledgment to nan Step Slim’s user-friendly and considered design. The input tray neatly accommodates nan paper, and you tin easy descent it successful without nan request for precise alignment, which makes reloading connected nan spell easier.

Kodak Step Slim review: Design

A Kodak Step Slim printer connected a woody desk

(Image credit: Jacob Little)

The creation of nan Step Slim is neat, and it’s truthful compact that it feels very akin to a smartphone successful its size and feel. It would beryllium easy to adhd this to a mini pouch successful a camera bag, allowing you to people trial images for larger shoots connected nan go, for example. The descent and click beforehand screen lifts disconnected to let you to adhd nan Zink movie to nan printer, and it switches connected and connects to your devices via a mini fastener connected nan top. Overall, nan full process takes seconds and allows you to get printing successful nary time. 

The printer itself besides looks nan portion - it’s sewage a soft matte decorativeness and seems to defy scratches, smudges and fingerprints. Additionally, dissimilar immoderate different portable printers, location are nary analyzable interfaces aliases paper items to navigate through, arsenic everything goes done nan Kodak app. The Step Slim embraces simplicity and nan only measurement you cognize it’s connected is an LED parameter that communicates its position and connectivity.

Kodak Step Slim review: Functionality

A Kodak Step Slim printer connected a woody desk

(Image credit: Jacob Little)

One of nan features of nan Step Slim we liked is its wireless connectivity options - you tin connect devices done some Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, providing ample versatility, though we deliberation that nan mostly of group will astir apt conscionable usage nan simpler Bluetooth action that connects to phones and tablets. Connection is comparatively straightforward done telephone settings, and past nan action to people via nan instrumentality should look successful nan Kodak app. A mates of notes connected nan app - we recovered it initially a small glitchy to usage but erstwhile it’s recovered nan printer it useful rather well. Secondly, we bask utilizing an iPad to edit and people photos, but unfortunately, location doesn’t look to beryllium a autochthonal tablet app, truthful you person to make do pinch a repurposed iPhone action if you’re utilizing iOS.

Once group up, allowing nan app entree to your telephone photos and printing is remarkably straightforward. The camera comes pinch 5 tester sheets of insubstantial and a battalion of 20 is astir £12, truthful yet it’s a much affordable measurement of printing your photos than printing done accepted developers.

The size is 2x3, truthful very small, and frustratingly you person to edit your 4:3 telephone images to fresh nan ratio earlier you people if you want to power nan creation - otherwise, it’ll harvest automatically. Not a woody breaker, but a autochthonal 4:3 format action would beryllium nice.

When it comes to nan all-important mobility of people quality, this is wherever nan Step Slim leaves a small to beryllium desired. We recovered nan people value to beryllium somewhat inconsistent, pinch washed-out tones and nan somewhat dubious curen of contrast, contempt nan colour rendition being reasonably accurate. Zink printers make nary bones astir nan value being little than dye sublimation printers aliases much accepted inkjet printers, but we’d propose that nan output of Step Slim isn’t really bully capable for sticking successful your cherished photograph albums.

What it does do well, however, is people connected nan go, arsenic it’s highly portable and if you are looking for thing that you tin gaffe successful a mini container aliases your pocket, past we’d urge taking a look.

Should I bargain nan Kodak Step Slim?

If portability and printing connected nan spell is your number 1 criteria for a printer, past there’s a batch to urge nan Kodak Step Slim. It’s functional, easy to use, elemental to group up erstwhile you’ve done truthful and sewage complete immoderate app gremlins, and produces mini prints that tin enactment arsenic mini keepsakes of moments successful time. For much master photography printing aliases moreover family medium photos however, nan value is simply not bully capable and we’d urge spending a spot much money connected a dye sublimation action for illustration nan Canon Selphy 1500.

Kodak STEP Slim mobile photograph printer

The Kodak Step Slim portable printer does precisely what it promises, providing mini prints from a diminutive instrumentality that tin gaffe into your pocket. Sadly, it’s fto down by sometimes glitchy package and nan inherent value issues of zink printing.

Jacob Little is simply a UK-based photographer and journalist pinch a peculiar liking successful travel. 

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