Jameson Irish Whiskey asks Adebayo Akinfenwa to assist brand's first footballer signing with awkward initiation song

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It was a quiet January transportation model by accustomed standards but that didn’t extremity Jameson Irish Whiskey from signing Newport County centre backmost and marque namesake, Kyle Jameson.

The League Two subordinate has signed a sponsorship woody pinch nan Pernod Ricard owned marque for nan remainder of nan 23/24 season.

Kyle Jameson says: “I couldn’t beryllium happier to motion for this iconic ‘club’ pinch truthful overmuch history, what an opportunity! Now it’s clip to footwear connected and commencement delivering nan equipment for each those Jameson fans retired there.”

The woody is portion of Jameson’s ongoing committment to supporting shot astatine each levels, from its four-year business pinch nan EFL to collaborations pinch immoderate of nan biggest curators of nan UK shot civilization scene. The statement pinch Kyle will spot nan iconic Irish whiskey marque go nan charismatic sponsor of his home, distant and 3rd kits, pinch Newport County besides showing extended Jameson branding passim nan stadium arsenic portion of nan EFL partnership.

His announcement progressive nan astir classical of subordinate initiations, an awkward solo singing performance.

But Kyle was assisted by erstwhile striker and EFL fable Adebayo Akinfenwa, who made judge you ‘could perceive it successful nan back’ arsenic nan caller signing performs a heartfelt rendition of ‘There’s Only One Kyle Jameson’ for nan award-winning whiskey’s societal media announcement.

Adebayo Akinfenwa adds: “Good footballer, ain’t nan champion vocalist lol. It’s bully to spot that each footballers tin get this chance, not conscionable nan dense hitters for illustration myself.”

For Jameson, it’s different way to supporting nan grassroots crippled arsenic portion of an ongoing strategy.

Josh McCarthy, Jameson UK marque head said; “Football and whiskey are each astir telling stories and we person loads of awesome things to show from nan 72 EFL clubs. This Kyle Jameson and Jameson business conscionable reinforces this and shows that shot stories don’t ever person to travel from world superstars. We look guardant to sharing each nan activity we person planned pinch Kyle successful 2024."

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