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We each cognize nan Sony logo. Part of nan logic it's truthful successful is that it's hardly changed complete nan company's much than 50 years successful business. It's besides exceedingly simple, pinch an elegant serif font that feels timeless. But things could person been very different.

Back successful 1981, nan Japanese corp decided that it would update its logo to people its 35th anniversary, and it held an world title to find a caller design. All 3 of nan shortlisted designs would person created a marque personality very overmuch connected to nan infinitesimal (see our prime of nan best caller logos for redesigns that sewage it right).

Three unused Sony logo designs connected a achromatic background

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony's logo redesign title came a small complete a twelvemonth aft nan motorboat of nan first Sony Walkman. Already a family name, nan institution received almost 30,000 entries. These were whittled down to 59 that were shown to nan committee and yet to 3 finalists, which it appears nan institution gave superior information to. 

The shortlisted designs included those of 1 Vilim Vasata, from nan Federal Republic of Germany, Bruno Grasswill from Australia and Fred Burton of nan US. However, Sony co-founder Masaru Ibuka yet decided that nary of nan designs was superior to nan existing logo.

Sony Logo Competition, Circa 1981 http://t.co/yw9kVgB0l2I'm truthful gladsome they didn't prime those. pic.twitter.com/30VTS3wkhrNovember 21, 2014

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The institution ended up brushing speech nan title by announcing that location was nary clear victor and dividing nan prize money arsenic betwixt nan 3 finalists. It described nan entries arsenic "gratifying" but announced that "the Sony logo will stay nan same". We don't cognize that went down pinch entrants', but K-pop heartthrob Changsub's logo creation competition past twelvemonth reminded america of nan threat of specified endeavours.

The Instagram station above, featuring an image from nan Ginza Sony Park, shows conscionable really small nan Sony logo creation has changed complete nan years. And I person to opportunity that I deliberation Sony made nan correct decision. The 3 last designs from nan title were each striking successful their ain way, and they person their appeal. But while they mightiness person worked connected a Sony Walkman successful 1981, it's difficult to ideate immoderate of them connected Sony's products today.

There is thing of a dichotomy successful logo creation for tech companies. The desire to look modern and cutting-edge, a defining characteristic of nan sector, tin often lead to a enticement to adopt trends. But a logo that looks 'modern' successful its time whitethorn not do truthful a fewer years down nan line. This is nan consequence tally by examples specified arsenic nan new Nokia logo. The Sony logo, meanwhile, for illustration nan Apple logo, presents a marque that feels timeless and yet ever astatine nan forefront of caller tech.

Intrigued to spot really much large brands could person looked? We featured these unused Sony logos and much successful our prime of big marque logos that ne'er saw nan ray of day.

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