How Focus mode can help you combat digital fatigue

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Apple screenshot and Focus app icon
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Have you been struggling pinch integer fatigue lately? If you're tired each nan clip and person sore eyes by nan extremity of nan day, there's a chance you mightiness person a surface addiction. I cognize what you're thinking: "That couldn't perchance beryllium me, I'm not addicted to my phone". But what astir your TV? Your laptop? Any handheld gaming consoles? Digital advertisements arsenic you locomotion to work? Screens tin beryllium unavoidable successful this integer age, particularly erstwhile it's portion of your job. 

As a photographer pinch 1 of nan best camera phones, arsenic good arsenic a tech journalist, and casual gamer, I've been uncovering that I walk astir 80% of my time staring astatine a screen, which is beautiful unspeakable for my integer well-being (and headaches). Once I adjacent nan lid connected my laptop astatine 5:30, I'll return a tech break to locomotion nan canine and navigator immoderate food, but past it's backmost to screens for either photograph editing, gaming connected my Nintendo Switch, aliases trying to unwind by watching a movie. 

So, what tin beryllium done astir this? I've invested successful immoderate blue-light-blocking glasses, but successful each honesty, I can't opportunity for judge if it's made a existent quality to my oculus strain. One point that has helped is implementing measures to support disconnected of my budget camera phone for longer periods utilizing Focus mode, and if you person an Android aliases Apple smartphone – past I'll show you precisely really to adhd these system breaks into your day. Let's break it down... 

Step 1: Head to your telephone settings.

Step 1: Head to your telephone settings. 

For Apple users:

Enter your Settings and scroll down a little, and you'll find nan Focus menu (it's purple pinch a satellite symbol). Click connected this and you'll beryllium capable to entree and customise your instrumentality Focus settings, designed to thief you trim distractions and trim down connected your surface clip successful nan process by spending little clip connected your phone, aliases only connected nan things that matter. 

You tin edit and customise an already existing Focus action that has been provided, specified arsenic Work, Personal, aliases Sleep. Alternatively, you tin create your ain civilization attraction to commencement from scratch. 

Apple screenshot

(Image credit: Apple )

For Android users

Go to your settings paper and you should spot a tab for Digital Wellbeing and parental controls (it's purple pinch a achromatic bosom wrong a surgery circle). Enter this mounting and it will show you precisely really overmuch clip you've spent connected your phone, and doing what. 

On my Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra it breaks this down into social, productivity and finance, and maps and recreation sectors, each colour-coded. You tin group a extremity to thief negociate your surface time, group circumstantial app timers to combat usage habits, and you tin moreover spot really overmuch you usage your telephone while walking.

However, Samsung besides has a 'modes and routines' mounting tab too, which is seemingly nan original attraction mode but rebranded. This icon is besides purple but pinch a half-circle and a tick successful nan middle, aliases astatine slightest that's really it looks connected my S24. This action allows you to take and customise a 'mode' to put your telephone into, specified arsenic sleep, theatre, driving, work, aliases exercise.

Screenshots from an S24 Ultra

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Step 2: Create yourself a attraction routine

Step 2: Create yourself a attraction routine

Apple Users:

First, you'll want to found erstwhile you want this attraction usability to footwear successful and what parameters will activate it. Is it erstwhile you're astir to commencement work? Or possibly erstwhile you've vanished activity and want to unwind without your phone. 

You tin group Focus mode to automatically activate astatine a circumstantial clip of nan day, erstwhile you unfastened a designated app (like Slack aliases a business app), and erstwhile you get astatine a group location depending connected your preferences. You tin besides sync attraction modes crossed your different Apple devices, for illustration an iPad aliases Apple Watch. 

Next, determine which actions to automate erstwhile you've entered attraction mode. You tin move connected do not disturb mode, disable notifications, and take circumstantial contacts to exempt from these actions for illustration your adjacent friends and family. This tin beryllium a awesome measurement to move disconnected erstwhile you request unsocial time, but ne'er miss a telephone from a loved 1 successful lawsuit of emergency. 

Android users:

There are 2 ways to group up Focus mode connected my Galaxy S24 Ultra, successful nan shape of 'Modes' aliases 'Routines' aliases both. Once you've entered nan settings, you'll beryllium fixed nan prime to edit Modes, aliases usage nan right-side sheet to edit Routines. The quality betwixt these 2 features isn't clear from nan get-go, but fundamentally modes tin beryllium switched connected and disconnected from your quick-access swipe menu, whereas routines are much self-activated erstwhile conditions are met.

I utilized nan Work mode connected my Samsung and made immoderate easy tweaks to it for days that I activity from home. The mode needs to beryllium turned connected manually, but will put my instrumentality into do-not-disturb mode pinch nary notifications astatine all, and my sound will beryllium switched to vibrate truthful I'm not disrupted by immoderate telephone calls.

My 'going to work' regular nevertheless is simply a spot much thorough, it will auto-enable erstwhile I get astatine nan agency successful Bath, and complete nan aforesaid actions arsenic my activity mode, but besides includes enabling my oculus comfortableness shield connected nan display, a faster surface timeout if my telephone is near idle connected nan desk, and immoderate calls will beryllium automatically declined pinch a connection sent that sounds 'At work, what's up?'.

Screenshots from an S24 Ultra

(Image credit: Future)

Step 3: Spend little clip looking astatine screens (where possible)

Step 3: Spend little clip looking astatine screens (where possible)

Whichever instrumentality you own, you'll astir apt request to do immoderate tinkering to get nan correct regular successful spot to lucifer your schedule and lifestyle. I made myself different regular for relaxation, that will person my full show (apps included) to a black-and-white greyscale taxable each evening astatine 9 PM. This reminds maine that I should only beryllium looking connected my telephone if it's perfectly necessary, for illustration replying to an important message, and ensures I won't get distracted by nan beautiful colours of scrolling aimlessly done Instagram. 

This is besides awesome for anyone who likes to crippled to autumn dormant (guilty) arsenic nan agleam colours connected games for illustration Wordscape aliases Candy Crush tin sometimes person nan other effect successful helping america to autumn asleep. Plus nan greyscale mode looks really cool connected definite apps excessively and eases oculus strain. Give it a try!

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