Gordon Ramsay guest edits the Chef’s Special of Sandwich Magazine to support his new YouTube show, 'Idiot Sandwich'

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The infamously feisty cook held nan early of nan legendary meme successful his hands successful 2015 erstwhile he placed a portion of breadstuff connected either broadside of talk show big Julie Chen's caput and asked her, 'What are you?'

Over 13 cardinal views connected YouTube and counting, truthful it's nary wonderment Sandwich Magazine has garnished nan beforehand page of its latest version pinch a depiction of Gordon slapping slices of breadstuff to his ain head.

It's each portion of a collaboration betwixt nan award-winning foodie publication and Gordon to beforehand his caller show, named successful honour of nan meme.

Gordon impermanent edits nan edition, and nan screen photograph is original, changeable successful nan room of nan chef's Los Angeles location by Brian Bowen Smith.

The magazine's Chef's Special – its eighth rumor – takes a look astatine Gordon's narration pinch meme culture, really cheffing has changed since he started out, and really his emotion of sandwiches has led to his caller 'Idiot Sandwich' show.

It features Gordon asking nan world's starring chefs, including Thomas Keller, Paul Ainsworth, Christina Tosi and Grant Achatz, what sandwiches they make successful their break while astatine activity and an question and reply pinch classically trained cook and societal media prima Olivia Tiedemann.

Simon Baker, managing head of TCO London, nan publisher-agency down Sandwich, said: "The idiot sandwich meme is ubiquitous wrong societal media culture, truthful partnering pinch Gordon to build a world astir his caller show has been a dream.

"As long-time fans of Gordon, we were excited to usage nan unsocial sound that Sandwich has to thrust consciousness of 'Idiot Sandwich' to our organization and beyond."

The show itself elevates nan humble Sandwich to centre shape successful a title which 'separates nan culinary brilliant from nan idiot' and features Gordon judging an array of societal media creators, specified arsenic Albert Can Cook, Owen Han and Sydney Morgan, attempting to create a sandwich they deliberation will return nan net by storm, successful conscionable 20 minutes.

Gordon Ramsay said: "When my caller show sewage nan greenish light, it was a no-brainer that we should collaborate pinch Sandwich Magazine. I first came crossed nan title erstwhile I picked up nan BBQ Brisket rumor a mates of years ago. I was struck by a caller return connected nutrient journalism, utilizing nan humble Sandwich arsenic a lens for culture."

Sandwich is disposable crossed premium mag retailers successful nan UK, Europe and nan US, arsenic good arsenic connected Apple News+ aliases from sandwichmagazine.com.

The first section of 'Idiot Sandwich' is unrecorded connected Gordon's YouTube channel now. The Sandwich Magazine business will see a motorboat arena successful London successful early March.

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