Get $1,000 off the 65-inch Samsung S95C 4K TV just in time for the Super Bowl

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Samsung S95C deal
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If you're big-time into blockbuster movies aliases see yourself an avid Netflix binger, past we've sewage a TV woody for you. The Samsung S95C is 1 of nan astir premium OLED 4K smart displays connected nan market, and yes – it's expensive. But nan 65-inch exemplary conscionable sewage a $1,000 value trim making it only $2,297.99 astatine Amazon correct now. 

This TV from Samsung is truthful great, that it made our database arsenic 1 of nan best TVs for PS5 with an inbuilt gaming hub and astonishing image quality. This exemplary replaces nan somewhat cheaper Samsung S95B (released successful 2022), being nan first 2 TV models from Samsung to characteristic some OLED and quantum dot technology. The newer S95C exemplary boasts 40% much brightness than its sibling, however. 

With nan 2024 Super Bowl accelerated approaching, there's nary amended clip to put successful 1 of nan best TVs for a superior and immersive viewing experience. If you request different suggestion, we highly complaint nan LG G3 OLED TV too. Or if you want thing to really impressment your meal guests, cheque retired these Samsung Frame TV deals

The champion Samsung S95C TV woody today

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