FlexClip review: online video editor's asset-rich free version is a highlight

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If you're a budding video editor wanting to get started connected your first project, FlexClip is simply a awesome measurement to do conscionable that. Although it lacks much precocious features for pros, nan exclusively online work is simply a immense advantage I haven't really seen earlier erstwhile it comes to editing software.


  • Has a free plan
  • Huge room of assets
  • Easy to learn


  • Lacks much pro tools
  • Business scheme is pricey

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With nan summation successful fame of video contented connected societal media platforms for illustration TikTok and Instagram, making judge you’re up to day pinch nan latest video editing package is simply a necessity. There are plentifulness of varying apps and programs disposable for each levels of contented creators, and coming I’m going to beryllium taking a look astatine online editor FlexClip.

Rather than being a downloadable app aliases program, FlexClip is exclusively accessible connected your preferred browser. Priding itself connected being easy to usage without anterior video editing experience, FlexClip boasts complete 5,000+ customizable templates, a wide room of royalty-free audios, and nan expertise to stock your files straight pinch different group for easy group editing. It includes some a free and paid exemplary that I will spell into item astir later successful this article. Is nan free exemplary bully capable to make it onto our database of nan best free video editing software, and is nan paid exemplary bully capable to ammunition retired your hard-earned for? Let's find out.

FlexClip review: Design and features

When it comes to cleanable UI and visuals, FlexClip is incredibly easy to get utilized to. As an avid contented creator myself who uses a assortment of video editing software, I had nary issues navigating nan website and americium assured that anyone caller would not consciousness overwhelmed. Each characteristic is intelligibly labelled and has its ain page. 

FlexClip comes pinch complete 5,000+ customisable templates to fresh your each video need. From merchandise showcases to cinematic movie trailers, budding video editors surely aren’t short of prime erstwhile it comes to presenting their projects. The templates travel successful a assortment of ratios to fresh either a normal surface aliases handheld device, and immoderate templates are moreover interchangeable truthful you tin usage nan aforesaid 1 for various platforms for illustration TikTok and YouTube. I enjoyed experimenting pinch nan various presets and really easy it was to set them for my ain individual projects. The presets import arsenic different layers, meaning it’s easy to set each individual constituent (like matter and overlays) to amended suit your video. 

If you want to commencement from scratch without a template, editing earthy footage is besides easy. Simply popular your media into nan timeline and you’re bully to go. FlexClip lets you straight set your video’s visuals specified arsenic brightness, opposition and colour hue arsenic good arsenic offering users plentifulness of filters to research with. As personification who does a batch of video editing, I do wish that FlexClip had much intensive editing options for higher-quality footage specified arsenic car stabilisation for shaky footage.  

A changeable of nan FlexClip location screen

(Image credit: FlexClip)

FlexClip review: User experience

In short, I recovered FlexClip easy to usage and very user-friendly arsenic personification pinch a batch of video editing experience. I person nary uncertainty that little knowledgeable creators would use from nan abundance of assets available, and nan various templates service arsenic awesome inspiration for those looking for ideas of really to format their projects. Each conception is intelligibly marked and easy to navigate, and I emotion really easy it is to switch nan pre-made assets pinch your ain videos and photos. 

The editing timeline is intelligibly laid retired and easy to resistance astir if you're looking to reposition clips. From what I tested, there's besides nary contiguous limit to overlaid assets (like GIFs and stickers) connected nan surface astatine once. At 1 constituent I had astir 10 different stickers and GIFs connected a azygous video. One peculiar characteristic I really liked was nan branding tool, which allowed you to easy adhd a civilization watermark to your videos. 

A changeable of nan FlexClip editing screen

(Image credit: FlexClip)

FlexClip: Pricing

There are 3 tiers of rank available, and you tin find nan full features of each tier connected nan website. The main quality betwixt nan free and paid services is nan expertise to download videos successful 1080p Full HD, unreality storage, removal of nan FlexClip watermark, and different limits connected definite assets and features. If you activity wrong a team, FlexClip besides offers a squad scheme to make it much affordable. 

I do find nan afloat business scheme pricing of $19.99 per period (if paying for an yearly membership) alternatively pricey considering different free alternatives that connection much high-end features successful their free versions, specified arsenic DaVinci Resolve and CapCut. However, FlexClip has nan precocious manus connected these erstwhile it comes to offering users a immense variety of assets specified arsenic an in-built audio library, video templates and banal videos. 

A screenshot of nan FlexClip pricing plan

(Image credit: FlexClip)

Should I usage FlexClip?

Overall, I deliberation FlexClip is simply a awesome summation to nan video editor line-up and has a really beardown offering of features. The immense room of various assets is easy accessible, and having it each connected nan aforesaid page is awesome for contented creators wanting to activity quickly without flicking betwixt various apps/websites.

However, immoderate of nan much precocious video-editing features time off a small to beryllium desired. As mentioned earlier, I would personally emotion to spot a camera stabilisation instrumentality arsenic that's 1 of my favourite features successful different free editing software, and I deliberation it's thing that would really waste nan app to much precocious editors. However, arsenic an online tract that includes unreality storage, I emotion being capable to easy dip into projects easy connected aggregate machines and I would decidedly urge FlexClip to students for that logic alone. 

While FlexClip won't beryllium replacing my day-to-day editing package owed to nan deficiency of much precocious features, I deliberation it's a really awesome action for those newer to nan hobby that offers plentifulness of templates packed pinch customisation options. The free work is besides a awesome plus for those that don't person nan fund to salary for different software. 

FlexClip review: online video editor's asset-rich free type is simply a highlight

If you're a budding video editor wanting to get started connected your first project, FlexClip is simply a awesome measurement to do conscionable that. Although it lacks much precocious features for pros, nan exclusively online work is simply a immense advantage I haven't really seen earlier erstwhile it comes to editing software.

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