Early mockups reignite debate over Nintendo Switch UI design

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Nintendo Switch UI mockup
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Nintendo Switch UI creation is simply a taxable that tends to disagreement fans of nan console. Some for illustration nan cleanable and clear simplicity of nan interface, while others kick that it's boring and want much options for customisation.

It's truthful only earthy that nan quality of evident early mockups from a mates of years earlier nan console's 2017 merchandise person reignited nan debate. The files show a busier paper creation and a full bunch of icons and avatars, immoderate of which will look very acquainted to anyone who had a Wii U (not sewage a Switch? See our roundup of nan champion Nintendo Switch deals).

Switch Menu Mockups precocious discovered connected a Prototype Switch Nand. They look to travel from early successful improvement arsenic nan "Switchboard" Menu style was already group successful chromatic mostly successful 2016. So it is assumed that these pictures travel from a constituent earlier then. pic.twitter.com/XPwnmKONpEJanuary 22, 2024

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The mockups were shared connected X by German games translator PaulFelixKelly aft appearing among files recovered connected a Nintendo Switch Nand eMMC, nan multimedia paper wherever information is stored, connected a pre-release prototype. The images were presumably placeholders and whitethorn ne'er person been considered for nan last type of nan console (many icons and crippled logos are from nan Wii U and 3DS and see games that were ne'er planned for nan Switch).

However, immoderate fans for illustration what they see, from nan location paper creation to nan 2 folders of icons named 'Friends' and 'Avatars'. These see pixel creation Donkey Kong and Yoshi and moreover immoderate little celebrated characters, including Nikki, nan mascot of the Nintendo messaging applications Swapnote and Swapdoodle.

"We were truthful robbed," respective group person commented connected nan posts. "Why does this look truthful overmuch amended than what we got?" personification other wrote. Many fans for illustration nan location paper showing nan crippled astatine nan top. Others noted that they find nan minimalist attack of nan existent Switch UI to beryllium "boring" aliases moreover "depressing", while 1 personification is simply "worried astir nan truth we ne'er sewage a Nikki pfp".

However, others are gladsome Nintendo... er... switched up nan last design. "I for illustration nan last version, it's consecutive to nan point. You conscionable person nan games location and take 1 to play," 1 instrumentality wrote. Others besides commended nan Switch UI's ratio and fluidity, while 1 personification jested: "the existent paper abruptly doesn't look truthful bad."

Also recovered successful nan files were Design concepts for nan Nintendo NX later known arsenic Switch. Changes tin beryllium seen successful nan colour and buttons. ( Camera fastener connected Joycons are an existent camera and measurement up and Down buttons connected nan Tablet ) pic.twitter.com/0jeQ0ZVuUAJanuary 22, 2024

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In nan dump of nan Switch Prototype console nan pngs were recovered which were utilized to create immoderate of nan Avatars seen successful nan mockups, marked as: Friends and Avatars. I will stock nan Avatar Pictures successful this Thread. The Friends pictures tin beryllium recovered successful my erstwhile thread. pic.twitter.com/b0u19q9fA0January 22, 2024

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Paul noted that nan dumped files besides included early creation concepts for nan Switch earlier nan Switch branding was adopted. At that point, Nintendo was calling it nan Nintendo NX, but nan images show that nan creation was already adjacent to nan Switch we know, pinch nan main quality being nan colours and nan sticks connected nan Joy-Cons. It seems clear that good earlier Switch became a thing, Nintendo was already very clear connected what it wanted to create.

If you're looking for deals connected a Switch console, spot nan champion prices successful your area below. Or if you already person a console, spot our prime of nan best Nintendo Switch games.

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