Duncan Jones' new Rogue Trooper movie will use Unreal Engine 5

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After years of teasing, 2000AD and Duncan Jones' Rogue Trooper movie is yet a reality and has vanished rule photography. The news besides shed much ray connected nan hyped film, pinch 2000AD revealing it's an animated characteristic and will usage Unreal Engine 5 to bring nan warfare torn world of Nu-Earth and Rogue's quest for revenge to life.

Writer and head Duncan Jones is simply a well-known instrumentality of nan comic strip, co-created by creator Dave Gibbons and writer Gerry Finley-Day. The 2000AD portion became celebrated successful nan 1980s but has remained a staple of nan UK comics segment ever since. The communicative follows 'Rogue', a familial infantryman fighting connected Nu-Earth, successful pursuit of nan traitor who sold him and his comrades out; nan soldier's 'buddies' personalities person been transferred into Rogue's kit - his helmet, weapon and backpack are sentient.

Rogue Trooper movie; uses Unreal Engine 5; a bluish faced man successful a solider helmet

Rogue Trooper is 1 of 2000AD's astir celebrated characters, and head Duncan Jones is simply a fan. (Image credit: Rebellion)

Saying successful a property release: "2000 AD offers a very different flavour of comic action: Political and sadistic astatine times, but ever pinch a Pythonesque shine successful nan eye. Dredd (2012) was a sensation of what 2000 AD has to connection and now we get to show nan world different broadside of nan beast. It is simply a genuine privilege to beryllium fixed nan opportunity to make Rogue Trooper."

News that nan Rogue Trooper movie will beryllium an animated characteristic utilizing Unreal Engine 5 is yet much impervious Epic's 3D motor is simply a existent marvel. Treehouse Digital (The Well) is nan workplace hired to create nan action.

Producer Stuart Fenegan said successful a statement: "The advancements successful Unreal Engine 5 and nan inclusion of MetaHuman rigs mean that it is now imaginable to execute a very precocious modular of animation wrong an indie budget. Working pinch our astonishing partners astatine Rebellion, Epic and Treehouse Digital we are pioneering and processing a caller imaginative pipeline that will alteration independent accumulation of CG animated films."

Rogue Trooper movie; uses Unreal Engine 5; a bluish faced man successful a solider helmet

The world of Nu-Earth is being brought to life successful Unreal Engine 5. (Image credit: Rebellion)

The Rogue Trooper animated movie is being produced by Rebellion and Liberty Films, and demonstrates really acold nan 2000AD patient has travel successful caller years. Now a comic, book, video crippled and movie shaper Rebellion is simply a occurrence communicative that needs championing. (If you're a 2000AD fan, publication our proposal from creator Greg Staples.)

Rebellion CEO, Jason Kingsley CBE, a shaper connected Rogue Trooper revealed nan movie has "been filmed astatine our dedicated Oxfordshire movie studios and combines beautiful storytelling from our iconic 2000 AD comic book beingness pinch animation and accumulation exertion from nan video crippled industry. We cannot hold for everyone to spot these unthinkable stories brought to life connected screen."

Rogue Trooper movie; uses Unreal Engine 5; a bluish faced man successful a solider helmet

The original Rogue Trooper comic was co-created by Dave Gibbons. (Image credit: Rebellion)

There are immoderate A-list actors down nan Unreal Engine 5 polygons too, pinch rising prima star Aneurin Barnard (The Goldfinch, Dunkirk) playing nan title role, joined by Hayley Atwell (Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One) and Daryl McCormack (Bad Sisters, Good Luck To You Leo Grande). Matt Berry, Sean Bean and Diane Morgan are connected committee too.

If you want to cognize much astir Epic Games' engine, publication our Unreal Engine 5 explainer. And for much examples of awesome animation and VFX to get inspired by, publication our features connected making The Creator and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem.

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