Does the new Disney Junior logo take simplification too far?

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Disney has submitted an exertion to trademark a caller Disney Junior logo, and fans person concerns. Where are Mickey's ears? Where's nan colour? In fact, wherever is 75% of nan tv network's name?

In a overmuch simplified design, nan logo abbreviates nan web to Djr, while a elemental afloat extremity is each that remains of nan characterful Mickey-eared dot complete nan 'i' successful nan existent logotype. And while nan Disney ‘D’ remains instantly recognisable, fans aren't emotion nan stripped down styling. It won't spell down arsenic 1 of nan best Disney logos of each time.

Disney Junior logo that sounds DJr

The logo creation submitted to nan USPTO (Image credit: Walt Disney Company)

The Disney Junior logo has already been simplified (remember nan rainbow lettering and yellowish and purple ears of nan Playhouse Disney logo?) and is often utilized without nan Mickey colours, pursuing a inclination we've seen successful branding successful general. But immoderate fans deliberation nan caller design, which was submitted to nan United States Patent and Trademark Office connected 24 January, is taking things excessively far.

Disney Junior logo

The Disney Junior logo we cognize and emotion (Image credit: Walt Disney Company)

Some welcomed nan creation erstwhile it was shared by nan instrumentality account, DTVA News, connected, saying it was astir clip nan web had a rebrand. But others were little sympathetic. "Yet different illustration of oversimplified logos," 1 personification wrote. "Having nan Disney D without nan Mickey Mouse receptor looks weird to me. Its omission is particularly overseas present because it could've worked arsenic nan dot connected nan J successful junior," personification other wrote." Others still miss nan Playhouse Disney logo.

Playhouse Disney logo

Playhouse Disney was rebranded arsenic Disney Junior successful 2011 (Image credit: Walt Disney Company)

It it provides immoderate reassurance, I deliberation fans don't request to interest yet. There's been nary charismatic motorboat for nan logo, and if Disney Junior does usage it, I fishy that it mightiness beryllium arsenic a complementary abbreviated creation alternatively than nan main identity. It would make consciousness for usage successful mini applications, specified arsenic societal media avatars, wherever nan existing afloat logo presently looks alternatively squished. Still, they could person tried to get nan ears in.

Meanwhile, group are still debating nan legibility of nan D successful nan Disney logo. Also spot our prime of nan best intermezo logos and our YouTube logo history.

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