Dialogue In The Window: Tinglin Liu pays tribute to a hidden London treasure

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Many group who sojourn London for a time travel aliases short activity sojourn only get to acquisition nan metropolis astatine a superficial level. The towering skyline. Big Ben and St Paul's. The endless drawstring of Starbucks and Pret a Mangers. That successful itself tin beryllium fun. But scratch nan aboveground a little, and you observe that nan world's astir imaginative metropolis has overmuch much to connection too this.

Take Cecil Court. Nestled successful nan bosom of London since nan 17th century, it's slap-bang successful nan West End but feels for illustration a world distant from nan accelerated manner and gift shops of Oxford Street. This mini pedestrian thoroughfare linking Charing Cross Road and St Martin's Lane is lined pinch independent shops and is known arsenic Booksellers' Row. But it's besides a awesome spot for art, antiques, culture, and curiosities, pinch experienced, knowledgeable dealers fresh to thief you find precisely what you're looking for.

Now London-based illustrator Tinglin Liu, who specialises successful bringing poetic narratives to ocular life, has paid tribute to this municipality hidden wealth successful her series. Dialogue In The Window.

"Art is simply a surviving entity"

"This portion draws inspiration from nan Poetry Comics, inspired by my observations of Cecil Court," she explains. "Through poetic illustrations, I've captured nan interactions betwixt group and still lifes connected this street, yet crafting them into a group of postcards and postcard box, each intended to onshore successful nan hands of visitors."

"Cecil Court is simply a renowned haven for literate enthusiasts and 1 of nan city's astir iconic landmarks," she continues. "It's a Victorian-style pedestrian thoroughfare that exudes a rich | humanities charm. I meticulously documented and observed nan visitors traversing this thoroughfare during a pivotal humanities moment. They engaged wholeheartedly pinch nan various antiques lining nan street, creating a transcendent speech crossed clip and space.

"The divers array of showcases connected nan thoroughfare displays everything related to art," she adds. "I purpose to evoke successful nan assemblage nan nickname that a portion of creation is simply a surviving entity, embodying nan thoughts of its creator. The matter preserved wrong nan artwork originates from nan dialogues betwixt individuals and these creator treasures."

Passion for poetry

Currently studying and moving successful London, illustrator Tinglin Liu is passionate astir presenting stories done her illustrated narratives, focusing connected schematic novels and editorial illustration.

She has a keen liking successful nan study and heavy exploration of literature, and arsenic a practitioner, she continues to research nan beauty of nature, support abreast of existent events, and beryllium delicate to nan subtle changes successful her surroundings, which serves arsenic a root of inspiration for her artwork.

With a BA successful Product Design from nan Central Academy of Fine Arts, she precocious completed an MA successful Illustration astatine Kingston School of Art. She besides won awards past twelvemonth from Communication Arts and 3x3 International Illustration Annual No.20.

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