Design Army's 'wonderfully weird' campaign for Hong Kong Ballet's 45th anniversary

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To people nan 45th day of Hong Kong Ballet and nan motorboat of its first-ever ballet academy, Design Army has unveiled a nosy caller run titled Tutu Academy, 1 that it admits is "wonderfully weird" and "wildly witty".

Celebrating nan cosmopolitan connection of creation alongside authentic Hong Kong culture, nan run takes inspiration from Degas' classical ballerina portraits and nan Renaissance property to hep hop, punk, and nan sci-fi genre—extraterrestrials, to beryllium exact. As we've travel to expect from Design Army, it's defiantly unconventional and wholly unexpected—full of colour, astonishment twists, and delight.

The run film, directed by Dean Alexander, stars nan 50-plus renowned creation troupe showing disconnected their unthinkable skills and abilities, each against nan backdrop of Hong Kong Ballet's renowned assemblage halls, Tai Kwun's stunning plaza, and nan majestic High Island Reservoir. Donned successful eye-popping coloured costumes pinch koi fish-inspired hairdos, immoderate punk rockers connected pointe, and a jelly-like, gold-toothed alien – nan dancers return america connected a joyful travel pinch their gravity-defying moves and a whimsical storyline that is nosy and unexpected.

The communicative is group successful a ballet academy wherever tutus are nan uniform, and students definitive themselves done creation and quirky hairstyles. It past takes an unexpected move erstwhile a UFO lands and an alien joins nan class. Eager to connect, nan coach and students prosecute nan alien successful what tin only beryllium described arsenic a "dance conversation".

Initially struggling, nan alien gains assurance aft being talented a magical greenish tutu, and he joins nan dancing unit pinch newfound joy. And that's erstwhile things get a small crazier. The euphony shifts. The tempo speeds up. It goes from Johann Strauss' classic, The Blue Danube Waltz, to hip-hop-infused ballet scenes throughout. It each feels a small naughty and rebellious. Quite marvellous, really.

The communicative concludes pinch a bittersweet farewell arsenic nan alien returns to his homeland, proudly donning a greenish tutu. The alien's return location sparks a ceremony connected his planet, wherever his commanders creation successful tutus, celebrating their caller relationship pinch Earth.

Design Army designed each quirky item wrong nan campaign, which is accompanied by stunning photography to beryllium featured successful wider OOO campaigns and crossed its website, societal media, and different platforms. "We played pinch schematic scale, from bird's-eye shots to silhouettes against architecture, arsenic good arsenic information repetition mimicking tutus astatine each turn, texture, sound, music, and more. Every constituent brings nan delightfully unexpected," it explains.

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