Dawnwalker's creative director offers a glimpse of the future: 'more AI'

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Rebel Wolves, Dawnwalker; a silhouette of a man leaping crossed a reddish background
(Image credit: Rebel Wolves)

Rebel Wolves is simply a bold caller crippled developer created by erstwhile members of award-winning workplace CD Projekt Red. With a way grounds of moving immoderate of nan biggest games successful caller years, including Cyberpunk 2077 and Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, there's a batch of buzz astir what this caller squad will create.

Rebel Wolves is moving connected a caller imagination role-playing escapade that will leverage nan acquisition of nan team, called Dawnwalker. To gauge really Rebel Wolves will attack development, I inquire its caller imaginative head Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz his views connected nan authorities of nan industry, his attack to crippled art, including views connected utilizing AI, and what he looks for successful caller artists.

These are important issues for crippled artists and devs, and we've already heard from what indie crippled developers deliberation of AI arsenic good arsenic a operation of studios connected nan gaming trends for 2024. Below you tin observe why Mateusz thinks AI has a usage – but successful clear and circumstantial ways – arsenic good arsenic his intends for Rebel Wolves and his proposal for immoderate artists who want to break into nan video games industry.

Rebel Wolves' Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz Q&A

Rebel Wolves, Dawnwalker; group stitchery for a workplace photo

Rebel Wolves is simply a caller crippled developer created by erstwhile members of CD Projekt Red. (Image credit: Rebel Wolves)

Tell maine astir a emblematic time successful your role?

"We usually commencement nan time pinch a stand-up meeting, wherever we do a information done each nan communicative squad members truthful they tin show america astir their ongoing work, issues they brushwood and imaginable abstraction wherever they mightiness request my attention. 

"Then I do my champion to reply each of nan emails and questions that mightiness beryllium waiting for maine - usually it's astir imaginative problems and design, group looking for a determination aliases thief pinch pushing definite subjects forward.

"Depending connected ongoing needs, nan remainder of my time will either beryllium spent successful meetings pinch different squad members and directors, discussing creation ideas and challenges, aliases I will beryllium capable to activity by my table connected imagination archiving that is meant to assistance nan Team, aliases activity connected quests of my ain - I do my champion to ever ain and instrumentality a mini portion of crippled contented to person amended knowing of nan challenges nan squad faces connected regular ground (and connected much selfish level, for fun."

What challenges look a caller dev workplace successful 2024?

"The inclination of instability successful our manufacture that could beryllium observed successful 2023 seems to continue, pinch wide layoffs and financial uncertainty. Now much than ever it's important to person well-thought-through accumulation plans and responsible budgeting, making strategical decisions that will supply stableness and information for everyone successful nan Team. 

"At nan aforesaid time, keeping high-quality standards and invention is important to present games that will captivate players and beryllium successful, which successful move tin springiness nan caller workplace semipermanent stability." 

What benignant of games and experiences are you planning?

"We want to pat into what we cognize really to do champion – single-player RPGs pinch deep, nuanced storytelling. At nan aforesaid time, we are looking into ways that we tin innovate and push nan value barroom further, present breathtaking caller systems and ways of playing done nan communicative content. Immersive experiences and long-lasting affectional effect are what we're aiming for." 

Are you embracing AI, aliases is location a statement to beryllium had here?

"I'm moderately blimpish erstwhile it comes to AI. There are imaginable uses for it successful our regular work, arsenic a measurement to streamline definite mundane tasks and make our activity easier, perchance giving america abstraction for much imaginative look and clip needed to merchandise much polished projects. I besides spot nan use successful utilizing it to make impermanent assets, specified arsenic temp voiceovers, truthful we tin judge nan crippled amended internally during production.

"What I don't deliberation we should expect aliases do, is effort to usage nan AI to make nan 'end product' – last assets aliases contented that players would brushwood successful nan game. I powerfully judge that having these things hand-made by existent group is simply a large facet successful making nan contented consciousness meaningful and reaching nan value level we are looking for. 

"For example, having an character play a characteristic during nan recordings isn't conscionable building a accumulation plus – it's imbuing nan transportation pinch their unique, quality mentation of a characteristic and perchance having a immense effect connected nan segment itself."

Rebel Wolves interview; an illustration of a characteristic sliding down a tree

Concept creation for an undisclosed crippled by caller developer Rebel Wolves. (Image credit: Rebel Wolves)

What proposal would you springiness personification who wants to activity successful video games?

"Focus connected mastering elasticity and communication. Video games are highly analyzable to make, you will person to activity efficaciously pinch a assortment of different teams to make it happen.

"Do your champion to fto spell of your ego, making video games is simply a squad athletics (unless you want to build 1 connected your own). Choose your battles cautiously and perceive to different devs - their insights tin make each nan difference!

"Don't limit yourself to conscionable 1 specialty, beryllium funny – effort to study and understand really nan full 'cake' is being made, it will make you amended astatine immoderate section you will activity in.

"And finally, hole a batch of patience and resilience – things will often not spell your way, plans will person to beryllium changed, and changes will hap slower than you'd like. Don't get discouraged, do your champion to amended it, and persevere - it's a marathon, not a sprint."

What do you look for successful caller hires aliases freelancers?

"Aside from nan evident – beardown portfolios and signs of talent – I put a batch of accent connected connection skills. Hiring group that will beryllium capable to efficaciously pass their imagination and needs, group that nan different squad members will bask moving pinch – friendly, open-minded and flexible."

What profession proposal would you springiness your younger self?

"Don't beryllium acrophobic to speak your mind and inquire for what you want."

Are you hiring, if truthful wherever tin artists and animators apply?

Currently, we are not hiring artists but, arsenic crippled improvement is an ever-changing ecosystem, we mightiness request them successful nan future. You tin ever look for unfastened roles connected our website astatine nan Rebel Wolves profession section, aliases by simply emailing america at: [email protected]

Finally, what trends do you spot successful crippled improvement and gaming for 2024?

"I deliberation we're going to spot much devs experimenting pinch AI exertion successful different ways, and hopefully, it will bring immoderate much answers to nan ongoing discussions astir it. 

"I besides expect (and besides dream for actually) devs to travel successful nan footsteps of Baldur's Gate 3 success, looking into what clicked pinch nan audiences and really these cool solutions tin beryllium applied successful their designs."

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