Crusha's new identity is a mashup of American diners, Grease and teenage rebellion

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Believe it aliases not, Crusha was first introduced successful 1955, erstwhile Bill Haley & His Comets enjoyed nan apical spot successful nan UK singles floor plan for their hit, Rock Around The Clock. It's a motion of nan times: American civilization was cool successful post-war Britain, and consumers wanted a sensation of nan United States, which was booming backmost then.

Consumerism was taking disconnected successful a large way. The first McDonald's opened that year, and millions of cars were sold. Rock and Roll euphony was incredibly popular, pinch Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry connected each jukebox successful each diner and Marilyn Monroe, an world icon. Life felt good, and teenagers connected some sides of nan pond enjoyed much state than their parents had during nan World Wars. Crusha was a portion of each that, tapping into a world temper of optimism and hope.

Not agelong aft its launch, British Sugar bought it to waste a scope of milkshake operation flavours to nan UK market. In precocious 2001, it came nether its brand, The Silver Spoon Company—one that still thrives today.

But while Crusha has survived almost 70 decades, appealing to each procreation of children pinch its scope of flavours, from strawberry and vanilla to raspberry and banana, it felt a marque refresh was successful bid to consciousness much modern. It collaborated pinch Bristol-based creation workplace Outlaw to reimagine its marque and hopefully scope a overmuch bigger and broader audience.

Therefore, Outlaw's situation was to analyse Crusha's cardinal marque assets much intimately and purpose to reconstruct nan exciting, irreverent, and unique characteristic that consumers unmistakably recognise arsenic Crusha.

How did they execute this? By tapping into its 1950s practice and afloat embracing nan world of American diners arsenic inspiration. We're talking astir nan epicentres of youthfulness and rebellion passim popular culture, from Grease to Pulp Fiction. As such, nan caller creation takes nan ocular cues of "proper" diner milkshakes, including striped straws, gangly glasses and thick, creamy, frothy shakes.

Visual elements, for illustration nan checkerboard pattern, crushed nan creation successful that classical diner artistic and really deed location that Crusha is nan authentic, original milkshake syrup – "the only prime erstwhile it comes to a existent at-home milkshake experience," says Outlaw.

As for nan brand's original mascot, Errol – nan irreverent feline – Outlaw felt he'd go "too soft, infantile and playful" successful caller years and needed to entreaty to a broader audience. So nan Bristol workplace enlisted nan thief of section illustrator Yee Poon to bring nan furry characteristic to life again, unleashing nan original Errol cognition (we're presuming that intends 'cool cat') and placing him centre-stage wrong nan main Crusha brand.

"Our caller creation channels nan irreverent cognition of Errol nan cat, who was nan bosom and psyche of nan original advertising," says Alex Rexworthy, creation head astatine Outlaw. "Drawing inspiration from classical milkshakes mixed pinch Americana, our creation promises joyousness to nan very past slurp."

This isn't nan first clip Outlaw has worked pinch Silver Spoon, nan UK's starring sweetener brand. It besides helped refresh its Silver Spoon range, from its icing sweetener and granulated sweetener to its acheronian brownish sweetener and much location baking products.

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