Composer Julien Sénélas brings new picture book to life with interpretive electronic soundtrack

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Originally a children's show that mixed theatre and animation, 'Daniel dans la Nuit' is nan creation of Timo Hateau successful collaboration pinch Carmela Chergui and Vincent Lahens. Produced by La Rotule, it told nan communicative of a small squid called Daniel who would task retired into nan nighttime to marvel astatine nan sparkling show known arsenic nan Night of nan Periwinkles.

In its latest form, 'Daniel dans la Nuit' has been adapted into a 44-page image book pinch charming illustrations by Timo. To springiness nan communicative an added dimension, composer Julien Sénélas, besides known arsenic Funken, has composed euphony and sound creation inspired by Daniel's adventures to travel nan book.

This isn't Julien's first collaboration pinch Timo and nan team. Speaking to Creative Boom, he reveals that he was fortunate capable to participate successful imaginative residencies during nan accumulation of nan 'Daniel dans la Nuit' shape show.

"This allowed maine to spot nan characteristic designs, nan set, nan pacing of nan story, and really character Vincent Lahens moved wrong this world," he explains. "I built a important information of nan sound beingness during these collaborative activity sessions."

In fact, erstwhile Timo contacted Julien astir nan project, he specified different portion of his work, In C for 11 oscillators and 53 forms, arsenic a constituent of reference. "It was a ocular and physics reinterpretation of "IN C," nan iconic activity by Terry Riley, pinch 2 modular synthesisers (11 oscillators) and a schematic mentation of nan original people (53 shapes)," Julien reveals.

"He liked nan thought of offering children a soundtrack created pinch modular synthesisers and exploring nan narration betwixt sound and music. The extremity was to move distant from 'childish' euphony and alternatively propose a creation that is some unconventional and playful."

Despite having a erstwhile relationship to nan communicative of Daniel dans la nuit, Julien reveals that nan shape capacity and nan book are 2 rather chopped entities. "Therefore, I composed caller tracks to align pinch nan illustrations and nan book's narrative," he says.

"For instance, connected nan cardinal double page, readers are invited to find Daniel hidden successful nan crab's house. I past created euphony pinch wave modulations (mixing percussion and notes) and introduced breaks and pauses successful nan hit utilizing falling entity sounds. It's arsenic if Daniel, nan small squid, sets nan piece's tempo by overturning objects aliases hiding."

As good arsenic nan visuals successful nan book and his erstwhile engagement pinch nan story, Julien besides recovered inspiration successful American minimalist music. "During nan creation of In C for 11 oscillators and 53 forms, I extensively listened to American minimalist music, including Steve Reich, Terry Riley and La Monte Young, but besides pioneers of physics euphony specified arsenic Delia Derbyshire, Raymond Scott and Jean-Jacques Perrey," he says.

"I find that this euphony is very modern and accessible. I admit nan fusion of subject and arts, really mathematical concepts toggle shape into poetry, aliases nan manipulation of energy to create infinite sounds."

To make nan communicative and speech activity successful a book format, Carmela and Timo wholly rewrote nan communicative from nan crushed up. This resulted successful an speech of ideas to find nan correct equilibrium successful nan illustrations, matter and layout, which stood successful opposition to nan capacity wherever nan character guides nan improvement of nan narrative.

"In nan underwater world of nan book, it is nan characters themselves who recount nan celebrated Night of nan Whelks and how, successful nan mediate of nan night, Daniel, nan small squid, came to aftermath them up," Julien explains. And contempt this being nan biggest situation facing him while making nan soundtrack, everyone is happy pinch really it each came together.

"We are each very pleased pinch nan consequence arsenic it is our first book! We are thrilled that this creation exists successful book/CD format and moreover connected cassette tape, acknowledgment to nan collaboration pinch nan Un je-ne-sais-quoi label."

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