B&B Studio designs soothing identity for anti-inflammatory food brand Superkeen

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When Caragh Keane was diagnosed pinch an autoimmune information called Lupus successful 2021, she was daunted by nan thought of a life of avoiding nan sun, taking immunosuppressants and perchance having chemotherapy. At 25, she was experiencing utmost associated symptom and alopecia and had achy blisters each complete her look and body.

Keane put everything into researching to get better, which is erstwhile she discovered nan captious nexus betwixt fare and gut wellness and started seeing affirmative signs erstwhile eating successful nan astir anti-inflammatory and gut-friendly measurement possible. From this, an inclusive nutrient marque called Superkeen was born, nan UK's first Auto-Immune Friendly (AIP) brand.

B&B Studio has acquisition partnering pinch eager founders to thief them build brands from scratch, and nan creation squad enjoys creating brave, unsocial brands that link emotionally. The task encompassed marque positioning, imaginative strategy, marque naming and each elements of marque creation and packaging.

"We were really inspired by Caragh's positivity, enthusiasm, and ambition", says B&B Studio caput of strategy Lisa Desforges. "Following her ain acquisition pinch nan Auto Immune Protocol (AIP) measurement of eating pursuing a test of autoimmune disease, lupus, she has an awesome extent of knowledge and acquisition which she brought to nan merchandise and her imagination for nan brand."

The workplace worked pinch Keane to create a clever sanction for nan brand, which plays connected nan founder's surname and conveys some positivity and enthusiasm.

According to Desforges, knowing people's affectional narration pinch nutrient and really group pinch autoimmune issues aliases allergies tin consciousness "a existent consciousness of fearfulness and worry towards food" was cardinal to getting nan marque right. To reassure consumers that Superkeen is bully for their insides, B&B Studio developed nan marque thought 'Make Friends With Food', which Desforges says "inspires a consciousness of trust, support and community".

It is besides elastic and inclusive capable to beryllium applicable to each "health seekers" who want to debar inflammatory foods, not conscionable those pinch allergies. "This was nan ambition from nan beginning, and nan marque needed to consciousness desirable and inclusive truthful that it attracted each consumers", says Desforges.

Moreover, Superkeen needed to entreaty to each ages, from kids to grown-ups, truthful B&B Studio created nan characteristic of Cloud Guy. The mascot was designed to correspond nan emotion of being free from inflammation.

Desforges describes him arsenic "calm, floaty, and laidback" and explains really he embodies "a emotion of chill, lightness, and ease, which is nan antithesis of inflammation". Cloud Guy besides has a unit of allergen-inspired characters, each of whom are nosy capable to beryllium child-friendly but besides person a elemental style and witty characterisation that link pinch an big audience.

Rounded forms are thing of a motif crossed Superkeen's marque world, further reinforcing its gut-calming qualities. "From schematic shapes to beingness materials, nan marque is characterised by rounded forms, curved edges, and soft textures – each combining to exude an anti-inflammatory consciousness passim nan marque world," says Desforges.

B&B Studio designed a bespoke all-caps wordmark for nan brand, pinch an arch that brings "craft and quality", she adds. For nan colour palette, nan workplace went pinch a bold, affirmative pinkish that differentiates it from modern challengers, while a suite of flavour-inspired shades makes up nan secondary palette.

Initially, Superkeen will motorboat arsenic a direct-to-consumer brand. So, nan packaging creation needed to guidelines retired intelligibly crossed nan brand's integer touchpoints and merge seamlessly pinch wider manner imagery. "In summation to packaging, it was cardinal that we created a marque pinch a extent of ocular and verbal elements that would let it to pass pinch audiences successful different ways, some online and successful beingness spaces", says Desforges.

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