Australian health and performance brand merges ancient codes of strength with futuristic visions

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DesignStudio is down nan caller personality for Compound, an integrated, personalised healthcare solution provided by Australian integer healthcare institution Eucalyptus.

At its heart, Compound is simply a preventative healthcare and capacity brand. Its USP is that it makes nan tools, information, and support antecedently only disposable to elite athletes accessible to nan mean Joe.

Its offering comprises a operation of objective diagnostics, fare planning, fittingness programming, measurement and accountability, and its extremity is to thief clients meet their wellness and fittingness goals.

The Compound squad approached DesignStudio successful precocious 2023, and aft immoderate first chemistry meetings and discussions connected nan programme of work, nan workplace was awarded nan project.

The creation squad thought nan little was "absolutely fascinating" arsenic Compound was "purposefully looking for an extracurricular constituent of position and to build a marque pinch a chopped opinion," according to DesignStudio APAC main James Duru. However, nan workplace has worked astir health, sports and capacity for respective years – from fittingness startups to sports teams and full leagues – Duru notes that Compund's rigorous diagnostics and programming was caller territory for them.

"A important situation immoderate marque has successful nan capacity and wellness assemblage is that wellness has go a catch-all term, pinch small accountability, truthful portion of building Compound was to intelligibly pass its quality and credibility", he explains.

Naming nan marque was successful DesignStudio's remit for this project, truthful nan strategy and naming phases ran successful parallel. The investigation covered everything from ancient mythology and stories of spot to mathematical formulae.

"Sometimes looking successful very overseas places reveals nan astir absorbing outcome," says Duru. Once nan workplace started to refine results and attraction connected nan marque thought 'To The Power Of', a shortlist of names that intelligibly communicated nan powerfulness of repetitive and cumulative affirmative actions was developed. From this, Duru says Compound emerged arsenic "a patient favourite", chosen for its emotion of "strength and solidity" and its expertise to link pinch "the strategical halfway of nan programme and brand".

Gothic history, ancient codes of spot and futuristic visions are very different taxable areas, yet nan hostility betwixt them is "the halfway of Compound", according to Duru. He believes these influences correlate pinch "the meshing of nan clip and dedication it takes to build affirmative wellness and fittingness outcomes and nan technological inputs that thief clients understand their wellness successful caller and powerful ways".

"We consciousness location is an absorbing abstraction emerging successful marque reasoning where, for nan correct business, embracing a little azygous attack is an breathtaking opportunity to create favoritism done characteristic astatine each infinitesimal alternatively than firm uniformity."

Compound's icon depicts 3 quality forms, opinionated successful a line, each somewhat larger than nan last, demonstrating really mini incremental changes and efforts tin create a lasting impact.

The brand's image treatments are influenced by nan diagnostics shape of nan compound program, which involves humor work, diversion capacity testing, dietary logs and a afloat assemblage X-ray called a DEXA. "This soul scan is visualised arsenic a colourful portion done your assemblage wherever bones, organs and fats look successful agleam blues, pinks, yellows and purples", Duru explains, adding that "seeing it for nan first clip is some confronting and fascinating".

To bring cohesion to nan brand, DesignStudio utilized pixels pinch nan aforesaid style and perspective arsenic nan marque icon and referenced nan angles successful nan civilization wordmark.

For typography, nan workplace utilized a civilization blackletter logotype to further reenforce nan aged vs. caller narrative. This style besides resists nan class trends for "smooth blandness successful favour of memorable character", says Duru.

Rhetorik and Neue Haas Grotesk do nan dense lifting successful nan marque system, wherever DesignStudio sought to equilibrium artistic choices pinch Compound's strategical and tactical needs. Duru adds that these types of choices are "authoritative and trustworthy" and activity good crossed each touch points.

Another facet that differentiates Compound is nan expertise to create a personalised type of nan marque mark, which is each done by hand. "Through nan process arsenic a team, we discussed nan thought of personalisation, handing nan marque complete and giving moments for our cohort to participate successful co-creation," says Duru, explaining really these individual marks bespeak everyone's different ambitions, struggles, successes, and outcomes.

"We felt an breathtaking and ownable measurement to awesome this was to create a area of nan marque wherever clients could create their ain marks for civilization communications, constricted version merch aliases arena events."

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