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Apple Vision Pro
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple Vision Pro, nan tech giant's long-awaited 'spatial computer' is owed to commencement shipping successful nan US connected Friday, and early reviews are flying in. Until now, what we knew astir nan mixed reality headset has been based connected Apple's demos, but US media person begun to people hands-on reviews. 

With astir of Creative Bloq's squad based successful nan UK, we're going to person to hold to beryllium capable to scope a verdict done our ain hands connected review, but we've been poring complete opinions from US, including from our sister site, Tom's Guide. Below is simply a succinct roundup of what group are saying to prevention you from having to publication each review.

Apple Vision Pro is disposable to bid astatine successful nan US. There's nary merchandise day for nan remainder of nan world yet.

Apple Vision Pro reviews: nan consensus

Announced successful June past year, nan Apple Vision Pro is Apple's biggest caller merchandise motorboat successful years. In fact, it's nan company's first awesome caller merchandise statement since Apple Watch. The purpose is to spell beyond nan mixed-reality offerings from nan likes of Meta and Microsoft to present a caller benignant of computing instrumentality for some activity and play pinch 3D cameras to seizure video, manus and oculus search and a beforehand show that simulates nan wearer’s eyes.

Early reviews are mostly positive, pinch galore reporters describing it on nan lines of "the champion headset I’ve ever used". The Performance of nan M2 and R1 processors, 4K OLED displays, nan 3D spatial video and nan intuitive oculus and face-tracking power strategy person been singled retired for praise. That said, immoderate proceed to mobility nan $3,499 (£2,760) price tag, and constituent retired that to get nan biggest benefits, you request to beryllium good stocked successful Apple products, ideally pinch a Mac and peripherals for illustration nan Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse. A number of apps and games are besides lacking for nan moment.

Apple Vision Pro reviews: nan displays

Over astatine The Verge, Nilay Patel concluded that Apple was correct to beryllium truthful proud of nan Vision Pro's displays, calling them "a immense leap guardant successful show technology”. He went connected to say: “They besides look mostly unthinkable – crisp capable to publication matter connected without moreover reasoning astir it, agleam capable to do justness to movies. Apple calibrates them for colour astatine nan mill truthful they are besides vibrant and color-accurate without looking oversaturated aliases blown out. They are so small, but they work so well that they look huge.”

Patel said that nan passthrough position of nan existent world was nan champion he had knowledgeable to date, but noted that nan section of position is smaller than nan Meta Quest 3’s 110 horizontal degrees. “The section of position isn’t huge, and nan basal quality of looking astatine mini displays done lenses makes that section of position consciousness moreover smaller," he said, adding: "That intends location are reasonably ample achromatic borders astir what you’re seeing, a spot for illustration you’re looking done binoculars.”

Apple Vision Pro for entertainment

Several reviewers were blown distant by nan acquisition connected nan Vision Pro for entertainment, from movie to apps. "I utilized nan NBA app, which was updated to activity connected nan Vision Pro, to watercourse 4 games astatine once, pinch nan main crippled successful nan mediate and others pinned to nan sides. It’s wild,” wrote Todd Haselton at CNBC.

However, on pinch respective others, he noted that location are immoderate notable absences successful nan apps that are disposable for nan device. There's nary Netflix aliases Spotify app, nor Uber, DoorDash, Amazon aliases immoderate Facebook aliases Google apps, YouTube TV included (many specified platforms are accessible via their websites). Games for illustration Diablo Immortal and Genshin Impact are besides absent.

What astir work?

Joanna Stern at nan Wall Street Journal found that nan Vision Pro was bully for activity too, replicating a Mac show pinch virtual windows dispersed crossed your view. But she noted that different hardware was necessary, perchance adding to an already very costly outlay.

“There is simply a built-in virtual keyboard truthful you tin type successful bladed air. But it will thrust you huffy for thing longer than a short message, she said. "And selecting smaller buttons pinch a pinch should beryllium a carnival game. I started getting existent activity done erstwhile I paired nan Vision Pro pinch a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I levelled up again by connecting my MacBook Pro, which fto maine constitute this reappraisal connected a elephantine virtual show hovering complete my desk.” This makes nan headset sound much for illustration an iMac for your look than a next-gen machine successful its ain right.

Stern recovered navigating nan interface to beryllium intuitive but had a fewer gripes present to. "At times, nan Vision Pro’s oculus search didn’t respond to my movements" she said, while friends said she looked "awful" and "frightening" during FaceTime calls!

Patel wasn't convinced that nan “inherently isolating” world of VR is amended than utilizing a regular machine for work.

Apple Vision Pro battery

Apple Vision Pro battery

The Apple Vision Pro artillery (Image credit: Apple)

The tethered battery pack has been 1 of nan main points of disapproval successful astir reviews truthful far. Mark Spoonauer of our sister tract Tom’s Guide, said: “The aluminum artillery connected nan Vision Pro ever needs to beryllium pinch you to usage nan headset, which is not great. So you’ll request to put it successful your pouch while opinionated aliases adjacent to you while sitting. It’s 12.4 ounces, which is heavier than an iPhone 15 Pro Max (7.8 ounces). And while nan cord is agelong capable astir of nan time, if you’re really immersed successful a crippled aliases different acquisition and you move suddenly, you could accidentally tug nan artillery disconnected a array aliases sofa connected to nan floor.”

He added: “I’m besides not a instrumentality of really nan cord to nan artillery tin sometimes get a spot tangled. A mates of times I had to disconnect nan cablegram truthful it would straighten out.”

Battery life is short too. At nan Wall Street Journal, Stern described having to "charge each 2 to 3 hours", concluding that "battery life sucks, location are fewer awesome apps and it tin beryllium buggy".


We've mentioned nan weight of nan battery, but nan weight of nan headset itself was besides an rumor for immoderate reviewers. Scott Stein astatine CNET said "the headset feels top-heavy and pushes successful connected my cheeks a bit" aft conscionable 30 minutes. 

Other practicalities were mentioned, including issues pinch hairsbreadth and makeup. Stern noted that nan "metal and solid build gives it a premium look and a weighty feel. One included set has a apical strap to lessen nan look crush; nan different wraps astir your caput for illustration a comfy conduit sock. The Light Seal (not a breed of oversea mammal) acts arsenic a cushion and ray blocker. Mine is now covered pinch makeup."

All successful all, nan verdict truthful acold is that nan Apple Vision Pro is perchance revolutionary but that further perfecting is needed and that, astatine slightest for now, it's comparatively niche merchandise that galore group won't find to beryllium a basal purchase.

When will Apple Vision Pro beryllium released successful my country?

Apple Vision Pro will beryllium released successful nan US connected Friday 2 February and is disposable to bid astatine Apple says that it "looks guardant to bringing Apple Vision Pro to much countries later this year" but location are nary merchandise dates for nan remainder of nan world yet.

Can I import an Apple Vision Pro?

While you mightiness beryllium capable to bargain an Apple Vision Pro from nan US and import it, you're apt to look immoderate problems. Apple says that services for illustration nan App Store, Apple TV Plus,and purchases connected different apps will require Apple ID group to nan US region. Moreover, customers whitethorn not beryllium capable to entree immoderate apps aliases contented owed to licensing restrictions.

When will Apple Vision Pro preorders arrive?

The Vision Pro is owed to commencement shipping connected February 2 but are expected to return respective weeks. We do not urge buying 1 of nan pre-orders being sold connected eBay for exorbitant markups.

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