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Mark Hauser
(Image credit: Mark Hauser)

In this instalment of our Day successful nan Life series, we delve into a domiciled that galore group whitethorn not deliberation of successful relationship pinch branding and design. Mark Hauser is an applied behavioural intelligence who applies his inheritance successful psychology to nan challenges faced by brands.

After years of researching nan psychological underpinnings of brands, including activity connected user challenges pinch nan likes of Graze and Diageo, Mark now useful astatine branding agency The Team. There, he contributes a blend of behavioural knowing and commercialized acquisition to driving affirmative behaviour change. But what does that mean? And what does an applied behavioural intelligence do astatine a branding agency? We said pinch Mark to find retired more.

Tell maine astir a emblematic time successful your role

It’s challenging to specify a 'typical' day, but a modular week mostly involves offering a behavioural subject position connected caller customer briefs, collaborating pinch chap strategists to place nan astir suitable approach. This includes engaging pinch nan creation team, either successful nan early stages, wherever nan attraction is connected cardinal strategical objectives, aliases mid-stage, wherever I activity pinch designers to optimise creativity.

In addition, I walk clip keeping connected apical of caller developments successful nan section of behavioural science, which mightiness beryllium applicable to nan world of our clients & prospective clients.

What domiciled does behavioural subject play successful branding?

Trees for Cities campaigns

Some of The Team's activity for Trees aliases Cities (Image credit: Trees for Cities)

If we judge that brands beryllium only successful nan minds of consumers, we tin simplify nan cardinal domiciled of behavioural subject arsenic helping marque managers execute their objectives. Firstly, it involves providing a psychological knowing of really group shape perceptions of a marque (i.e. marque positioning) successful their minds. Secondly, identifying really we tin found a beingness successful consumers’ minds successful nan first place.

Beyond this, fixed my way into applied behavioural subject was done nan study of decision-making, location are different applications. These see knowing nan domiciled of branding successful nan user decision-making journey, knowing what is driving and influencing behaviour wrong nan customer funnel, and knowing consumers astatine capable a level truthful arsenic to build brands which play a applicable domiciled successful their lives.

Do you deliberation nan measurement brands usage behavioural strategies is good understood?

Not really! And annoyingly location are excessively galore trading tacticians who use behavioural subject principles purely successful pursuit of achieving short word metrics, e.g., expanding income conversions, which leads to manipulation and “dark” applications of behavioural subject which are not successful work of nan customers’ champion interests. For example, arsenic it is apical of mind, I tried to extremity my Now TV subscription past week, and had to corroborate my desire to cancel connected 6 abstracted web pages, pinch each page utilizing different behavioural subject principles to effort and get maine to not cancel. It felt for illustration a warfare of attrition.

Which projects are you nan astir proud of and why?

Trees for Cities campaigns

The situation was to raise consciousness of nan programme successful often forgotten coastal areas (Image credit: Trees for Cities)

Probably a portion of activity for an biology kindness that sought to deepen their knowing of their audience. The extremity was to leverage this penetration to refine their contented strategy, yet fostering maturation successful some their customer guidelines and nan revenue-generating aspects of nan charity. 

Being a quality enthusiast, I loved moving connected this project, but what made it peculiarly rewarding was processing an attack to behaviour qualitative and quantitative investigation successful a psychologically sound manner, each wrong fund constraints. The effect was significant—our recommendations resulted successful a four-fold summation successful advertizing engagement wrong nan first 4 weeks. Simultaneously, nan task laid nan groundwork for a much robust CRM strategy.

How do you measurement nan effect of soul behaviour alteration programmes?

Trees for Cities campaigns

For Trees for Cities, The Team aimed to animate and prosecute nan section community, businesses and authorities (Image credit: Trees for Cities)

Ideally, we group suitable metrics successful advance, and trial nan involution against a power group (i.e. a akin group of participants who did not person nan intervention). But this almost ne'er happens successful reality. Often, velocity of rollout aliases different soul constraints mean we person to spell to afloat motorboat ASAP. In this lawsuit we look for immoderate reasonable metrics which tin show behaviour change.

And it is worthy mentioning, sometimes clients don’t person nan desire and expertise to measurement nan results. Not everyone wants to accommodate a technological process. And that’s OK. I consciousness comfortable trying to spot what tin beryllium done successful nan grey area betwixt nan technological perfect and day-to-day reality.

IBM allyship campaign

The Team worked pinch IBM to beforehand allyship (Image credit: The Team / IBM)

A cardinal customer of ours approached america seeking a video to thrust allyship crossed their world organisation. I was funny to spot why they were requesting a video to execute this nonsubjective arsenic I was unsure a video would lick many, if any, of nan challenges inherent pinch nan mobility of “allyship” behaviours.

The tricky point present was to displacement our customer from having a fixed thought of nan tactical execution they wanted and towards a much open-minded attack to uncovering nan optimal measurement of solving their problem. To navigate this, we delved into nan behavioural dynamics of allyship—identifying nan factors that lend to these behaviours and knowing nan barriers and influences that impede them. This progressive conducting workshops pinch various stakeholders, providing valuable insights into nan cardinal drivers, influences, and barriers to allyship wrong nan organisation. Armed pinch this understanding, we could transmission our imaginative reasoning into circumstantial areas that played a pivotal role. 

And successful nan end, we didn’t create a video.

How did you participate nan field?

My early profession was spent moving successful marketing/commercial roles. I had ever been willing successful group and wanted to beforehand my knowledge successful an accredited way, so I undertook an MSc successful Psychology successful my spare time. When offered opportunities to specialise during nan programme, I focused connected decision-making subject and, fixed my erstwhile activity successful marketing, recovered it easiest to use decision-making wrong nan world of brands, trading and business pinch which I was already very familiar. 

What proposal would you springiness to anyone willing successful moving successful nan area?

Get stuck in. Whether you want to return connected a general acquisition aliases conscionable amended your basal understanding, location is nary logic not to. And nan exertion of behavioural subject is widespread.

What would beryllium your dream project?

IBM allyship campaign

The task aimed to summation nan number of friends for each communities crossed IBM worldwide (Image credit: The Team / IBM)

I person 3 types of dream project. Firstly, collaborating pinch multinational organisations who want to spot really they tin nudge user behaviour wrong their sphere of power to beryllium much eco-friendly and successful a measurement which serves their customers’ interests.

Secondly, I’d emotion to activity pinch socially and environmentally responsible businesses, sloppy of their size, to spot really they tin summation marketplace stock complete immoderate of their marketplace leaders who astir most apt aren’t acting successful specified a socially and environmentally responsible manner. 

Lastly, I’d emotion to activity connected alteration projects which tackle institutionalised behaviour, specified arsenic nan abhorrent maltreatment of female trainee surgeons successful nan UK that was reported connected a mates of months agone – I’d emotion to spot really we could enact alteration wrong immoderate of these institutions.

What profession proposal would you springiness your younger self?

Find activity you find enjoyable and fulfilling.

Mark is an applied behavioural intelligence astatine UK-based branding agency The Team

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