8 exciting visual trends you should know about in 2024

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It's ever absorbing to comparison nan galore ocular inclination forecasts that look astatine nan commencement of nan year, and 2024 is nary different. Today is nan move of Freepik, an online room for audio-visual resources. It's picked retired 15 trends it expects to spot a batch of successful ocular creation this year.

From glassmorphism to neo brutalism and, er, 'groovy cartoons', location are immoderate intriguing forecasts, including immoderate that we haven't seen successful different reports (see our ain information ups of graphic creation trends, typography trends and illustration trends for 2024). Here we'll look astatine immoderate of nan highlights.

1. Liquid and iridescent 3D

An illustration of a 2024 ocular trend

Shiny, liquid 3D shapes are each nan rage successful 2024 (Image credit: Freepik)

This 1 should beryllium nary astonishment since we've seen plentifulness of examples, and it features successful galore inclination reports. In fact, respective ocular inclination forecasts successful Freepik's study impact cleanable and shiny 3D elements, from liquid 3D texts to glowing 3D objects. The level says that while 2023 witnessed nan increasing fame of nan 3D effect successful Adobe Illustrator, 2024 will spot 3D will look successful "innovative expressions crossed different formats", from objects to textures and typography.

Liquid 3D fonts adds move elements to textual components, while nan 3D glow inclination combines three-dimensional shapes pinch lighting effects that adhd a consciousness of extent and brightness to images aliases designs. 3D is besides expected to look successful absurd compositions that incorporated holographics aliases iridescence to create a consciousness of activity and dynamism.

2. Glassmorphism

An illustration of a 2024 ocular trend

Glassmorphism tin beryllium some charismatic and useful successful UI creation (Image credit: Freepik)

The study predicts that this twelvemonth will spot a consolidation of trends that began to look successful 2023, specified arsenic nan Y2K chrome look and versatile glassmorphism, which involves translucent frosted glass-like elements allowing multi-layered designs. The latter, which is becoming peculiarly celebrated successful UI creation for apps, is useful arsenic good arsenic looking bully and airy since nan sleek minimalism tin beryllium utilized to adhd create hierarchy.

3. Grainy gradients

An illustration of a 2024 ocular trend

Gradients pinch a twist (Image credit: Freepik)

Gradients are back, who would person thought? No, I cognize that gradients person been backmost forever, but present we person a variation: grainy gradients. These tin create a retro and integrated consciousness nan gives a consciousness of extent and magnitude (and could beryllium a bully antidote to each nan overly digital-looking images we're seeing courtesy of AI.

4. Old engraving

An illustration of a 2024 ocular trend

Organic motifs and good engravings for immoderate nostalgic charm (Image credit: Freepik)

One ocular inclination prediction that we haven't seen specifically highlighted successful different reports is nan return of an aged engraving look. The study says nan "timeless elegance of curved lines, integrated motifs and good engravings introduces a nostalgic charm into this year’s creation ethos." This tin besides beryllium cross-related to a inclination to attraction connected florals and botanicals, which is besides highlighted successful nan report. And for illustration those grainy gradients, it tin besides inject a invited dose of thing that feels much integrated and handcrafted.

5. 'Groovy' cartoons

An illustration of a 2024 ocular trend

Could we get a 3rd summertime of love? (Image credit: Freepik)

As good arsenic collages, different blast from nan past that Freepik is seeing is nan usage of what it calls 'groovy cartoons', an eclectic operation of playful storytelling, vibrant colors, black-and-white contrasts and kawaii pastels. I don't cognize astir you. The illustration image supra looks to maine for illustration nan grounds screen for a British rave way from 1991, but I'm wholly present for it.

6. Neobrutalism

An illustration of a 2024 ocular trend

Even neo brutalism gets smileys (Image credit: Freepik)

We've seen this besides referred to arsenic neubrutalism, and we've had neo everything else, truthful why not? There's a batch of playfulness present too, pinch it being a very cosy, vibrant return connected nan creation principles of nan 1950s movement. Think unsocial typography, coagulated colours and bold strokes and shadows.

7. Peach fuzz

An illustration of a 2024 ocular trend

The early is fuzzy (Image credit: Freepik)

No, this isn't astir assemblage hair. Peach fuzz is nan Pantone colour of nan year, if you didn't know. It's a spot lighter than peach, really, but it's a much pleasant-sounding sanction than 'raw poultry'. The ocular trends study expects to spot a full bunch of peach fuzz, which it says will "coexist harmoniously pinch vibrant and agleam colour palettes, creating powerful combinations that respire life into bold and cheerful compositions."

You tin spot nan predictions successful afloat successful nan Freepik Visual Trends 2024 report. For much forecasts, spot our portion connected packaging trends successful 2024.

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